Terms and Conditions


While searching for a Home Essential, the user comes to confirmation with:-

    1. Home Essential is not responsible for inaccurate information provided on the pages, and that the business has to be held responsible for the same.
    2. Any liability for misconduct or inadequate work carried on by any business and any matters arising from such an activity will not be accepted by Home Essential.
    3. Registration to the database of Home Essential, has to be done with complete details. Any misinformation will be treated as violation of conduct and will be further banned from Home Essential.
    4. Home Essential cannot be held responsible for any business that has not been registered by law, as stated by the law book in the country of Australia.

License to use website

The intellectual property rights to Home Essential are owned by the firm, and nobody reserves the rights to make use of any of these publications whatsoever that are available on the website. Pages and content from the website may be used for personal purposes whatsoever. The restrictions in regard to the contents of the website would lie in case of:-

      a) Republication


      b) Rent, sell or sub-license material from the website.


      c) Produce any material from the website in public


      d) Duplicate, copy, reproduce or otherwise exploit materials present on the website


      e) Modify or edit parts of the website


      f) Redistribute anything from the website


Home Essential team, essentially reserves all rights to remove any of the stuff published in the site, in parts or as a whole, at any point of time without any previous notice. The terms of usage as well as the privacy and security policies to the site too come to fall under this category.