Everything You Have to Understand about Finding a Gardener

You have to spend a lot of time to have a garden cleaning service. There are various tasks connected to it. You have to trim the lawns and beds and the hedges should always be in proper shape to maintain the overall appearance of the garden. The service depends on the weather a lot and at the very same time you have to customize it, according to the size and shape of your garden. It needs cleaning, mowing, weeding, watering, mulching, fertilizing, landscaping on a regular basis.

Services Required to Maintain a Garden:

There are various reasons that make the pruning and trimming of the hedges, shrubs and bushes necessary. Apparently, it is required to make your garden pleasing to your eye by keeping it in the proper shape. Apart from this, it is required for the growth of the plants because the service removes the dead and diseased plants. It also makes you secure from the trees that have already reached the power lines.

Garden Slashing

Slashing is a kind of mowing that is generally required to maintain the large areas. If you have a huge area and if it is full of long grass that are very thick and rough, standard mowing will not be sufficient in that case. It is garden slashing that will do the task for you. The service is provided by using a handheld machine that is able to give you a clean looking lawn. Various types of slashing machines can be used if you are in need of the service. Very often, tractors are used to provide you the service. 

Garden Rubbish Removal 

It is really a very laborious task to remove the garden rubbish as very often you need the service after a heavy storm when you find your garden, full of debris. Now you don’t need to be worried about the task as there are various service providers who are able to remove all the debris. There are various types of wastes that are removed from the garden. The list includes removal of old fencing, garden debris, various types of junk, waste created by storms, green waste and many more. The service does not end with the removal of the waste that has been collected from your garden. The professional is also responsible for the recycling. 

Garden Clean up

The service, namely garden clean up, includes a huge range of tasks under its name. It is not only about cleaning your garden. It means maintaining a garden so that it always looks pleasing. Tasks like watering, mowing, weeding, fertilizing, trimming, pruning and a lot more are done to clean the garden. The professionals who are engaged in the task, are also responsible for creating the compost, protecting the plants, installing rain water tank etc. What you need to ensure to get the job done is that the professionals ignore the use of chemicals. 


It is well considered that gardening is a satisfying hobby. People often find it very exciting. But, if you have a desire for a beautiful garden in the front part of your house and if you are unable to spend the required time, you can avail the service from the professionals. It takes in the tasks,  required for a complete maintenance of the garden. Mowing, removing shrubs, weeding, removing waste, replanting, landscaping, hedging, installing an irrigation system are all included in the service. Numerous professionals can be found for a gardening service. You should go with the one who does not rely much on using chemicals. 

In Need of a Professional?

If you are in need of a gardening service, you have to ask different professionals. They will visit your house and estimate the money that will be charged. Depending on the type of the garden, the professionals would schedule the timings for you. 

Make it certain that the gardener is properly licensed:

According to the Australian Government, it will be illegal if you engage an unlicensed gardener to maintain your garden. Licenses prove that the professional knows all the proper ways to provide you with a perfect gardening service. 

Proofs of necessary  insurance:

He needs to have the proper insurances which are necessary to avoid the legal matters. The proofs of the insurances are also necessary to establish him as a professional.

Try at least three quotes before you hire a professional: 

There are numerous gardeners in the market and all of hem have their own quotes for the task. From various quotes, you will come to know about the charges of different professionals and you will be able to choose the most suitable one for you after comparing them. 

Check the past reference of the professional: 

Comparing the quotes only, will not do the task for you. You have to do more works if you are to ensure a perfect gardening service. You have to gain information about the past clients of the professionals and you should ask them about their experience. You should also ask for some sample works and for that you need to visit the houses of the past clients. It will make you certain about the fact whether the professional is suitable for the task or not. 

Check with the professional if he wants to sign an agreement or not: 

Whenever you are selecting a gardener, make sure that an agreement is signed between you and the professional. It should carry all the specifications of the task along with the prices that have been charged. You have to be aware of the hidden charges that may be there in the agreement. 

Prices charged by the gardeners: 

The gardeners generally charge prices on the basis of hours spent in your garden. The standard price is $45 per hour. It should be mentioned that the charge may vary depending on the area where you are located. If you are going to have the service on a regular basis, you will be charged with a fixed rate.