Water Filtration Systems

On this planet, clean water is the foundation of life. In recent times, almost all households and businesses are very concerned with regards to the purity of water. Moreover, the human body is made up of 70 percent water. Hence, everybody aspires to drink pure and clean water for good health.

However, this development has lead to the appearance of a lot of water filtration systems that cleans the water and even gets rid of the bad odour as well. By observing this unexpected awareness, a lot of business concerns have established a range of water filtering systems to provide clean drinking water for all. Earlier technologies, such as carbon-based technologies, have given way to innovative advanced activated carbon and carbon block technologies. As a result, the purity of water has raised considerably through the appearance of these highly developed water filtration systems.

How water filtration systems are beneficial?

These water filtration systems get rid of harsh and hazardous pollutants from household and drinking water, from lead to mercury, bacteria to pesticides, chlorine to aluminium, the list is endless. In addition, the water filtration systems are capable of being used on bottled water, river, bore and tank water. Besides, there is also a choice for a unit to filter the water supply to the whole house, shower water or tap water. 

Categories of water filtration systems

On the whole, there are two categories of water filtration systems i.e. Point of Entry (POE) and Point of Use (POU).  Point of entry units are set up at the key water line entering the house. Since the filtration offered takes care of the whole household’s water, this system is usually known as a whole house system. The point of entry units permits one, two or three filter accommodations through a flow rate between 5 to 20 gallons for every 60 seconds.

Point of Use units are usually set up at the bathroom sink or the kitchen. The point of use units are capable of having one, two or three filter accommodations with every accommodation having an individual filter through a flow rate roughly about ½ to 1 gallon for every 60 seconds. However, this system can be set up under counter or at the counter top.

Besides, a broad range of filters are manufactured that takes care of extensive varieties of water based pollutants exists for both point of entry and point of use systems. 

Types of Water Filtration Systems

A water filtration system can consist of carbon block cores, activated carbon, ion exchange resin, ceramic pre-filters and to avoid growth of bacteria silver coated ceramic. Numerous types are available, a few of which consists of:

              1. A pre-filter for filtering residue, 
              2. An activated carbon filter for eliminating chlorine,
              3. A membrane to get rid of micro particles, and
              4. To enhance taste, concluding carbons polish. 
Supply and Installation

The more concerned systems, like the whole house water filtration system, require being setup by a specialized plumber or the water filtration supplier’s internal setup team.

Whole house water filtration systems offer very similar clean and fresh water that consumer’s look forward to from kitchen filtration unit’s right through the whole house. In the course of filtering water at its source, whole house water filtering systems assist in protecting plumbing as well as ensure the appliances persist on functioning with peak performances.

For a little proportion of the price of bottled water, whole house water filtration systems offer clean and fresh tasting water for the entire family to drink confidently.

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