How to buy the best vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are a very important part of any household. It can be used to clean even the most stubborn dirt. New technologies coming to the modern market every day are making these products even stronger and portable. It is a very good thing, as vacuum cleaners protect our home and family from the effects of dirt, i.e. they make our home cleaner and a more desirable place. It also reduces the chances of the development of allergies in our family members, ones that usually arise due to the presence of dirt. It is very important for anyone to buy a good vacuum cleaner from a respected supplier. You must choose a vacuum cleaner supplier carefully, as even one mistake can set you back by quite a sum of money.

Things to keep in mind while buying a vacuum cleaner

There are many extra features to look at while buying a good vacuum cleaner. Some cleaners have extra accessories, like an added pipe for long range cleaning. Such an accessory can either be factory-equipped, or can be equipped by the user at home.

Some of the factors to look at are given below.

Types of vacuum cleaners

There is a variety of vacuum cleaners available in the modern market, and that gives one plenty of options to choose form.

Upright vacuum cleaners: Upright vacuum cleaners are very commonly found in the modern household. These cleaners, as their names suggest, stand in an erect posture. If you have back problems and are unable to bend a lot while cleaning, then this is a perfect choice for you. This is very easy to use and have a special foot-operated lever which can change the angle and direction of the nozzle. It is very easy to move because of this function.

It is of two types: one has a bag included and the other has a bigger, but heavier bin included. They are available within the price range of $49 to $679. They are usually shipped with extra accessories like ducts. However, they are the heaviest and the most space consuming of the whole lot.

Canister vacuum cleaners: These vacuum cleaners are very useful and popular. They are very easy to carry as they are lightweight. They are also very mobile and produce very little sound while cleaning. They also have a very good reach because of a long range duct included. These are especially useful while cleaning uneven surfaces, like the staircase, due to the duct which can easily reach difficult corners. They are a little more expensive than upright vacuum cleaners and are available in the range of $59 to about $899. However, you cannot control the movements of the machine mechanically and the ducts get tangled very easily because of their length. 

Handheld vacuum cleaners: These little gadgets are very useful for cleaning small things. These are very compact and lightweight, some weighing less than five pounds. These are usually cordless and battery-operated. If your primary vacuum cleaner cannot clean a hard-to-reach spot, then this little vacuum can clean it for you. You can use these types of vacuum cleaners in your vehicles. These are very inexpensive and can be bought at a measly $17 to $199. However, these cleaners have less suction power and aren't recommended as your main vacuum cleaner.

Choosing a good vacuum cleaner supplier

A good vacuum cleaner supplier must have a wide variety of cleaners and all the cleaners should be of highly reputed companies. Their products must be original and sold with a proper warranty. The supplier must also have a wide variety of accessories and must repair or replace a damaged vacuum cleaner quickly. As such, it required of them to be an authorized dealer of the brand and have original spares readily available. 

While buying a vacuum cleaner, ensure that you compare the prices of the chosen vacuum cleaner from different suppliers to get the maximum savings.

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