Learn Different Ways to Understand the Tree Felling Technique

Tree felling is the process that involves removing of trees from a property that is creating a hindrance in the process. Cutting down trees is not supported by all as it leads to global and environmental impact. But there are many cases where it becomes essential for people to cut off trees for different purposes. For instance, if the tree is dead or infected or is causing a hindrance in the property, the decision of uprooting the tree is taken for the best. In many other cases, trees are removed for creating a perfect design for a certain landscape.

The Methods That are Adopted for Tree Felling

Tree felling is a daunting task and if not done tactfully it consumes excess time and energy. There are basically two methods that are used for tree felling- a) hand felling, and b) Feller Buncher.

In hand felling method, there are basically three equipment used for cutting the trees and they are an axe, saw and chain saw. There are other practices that include limbing or bucking that involves cutting off the branches from the trees in order to make it easier to carry outside the woods. In today’s industry, limbing of the branches are usually followed by felling.

In Feller Buncher method, a motorized vehicle is used for chopping the trees and gathering them together after they fell down. The vehicle performs all the function of delimbing the branches and skidding through the forest floor.

The Techniques Involved During Tree Felling

During tree felling process it becomes requisite to use a smart technique that can reduce the time of the workers. Using a chainsaw is considered to be one of the most effective processes that can be used while cutting down the trees. Prior to the use of the machine, a brief measurement is made keeping in mind the safety of others. However, using a chainsaw can be dangerous and it requires to be handled by professionals. The size of the tree matters, which further encourages the woodcutter to use protective measures for himself as well as others. Before taking any step, it becomes important to measure the area and the distance that you want the tree to fall.

Planning and organizing are the main components that are kept in priority that gives a clear picture of the obstacles that he might face while cutting down the tree. The obstacles that need to be overcome includes cable wires, overhead lines, road, nearby school or any other building. Without proper planning and measurement, the tree can fall in any of the direction that may give rise to a complication. It is natural for a professional to force the tree to fall in the opposite direction, which results in greater physical effort and risk. Thus, a smart technique involves in slicing a part of the bark and then inducing the chainsaw over the other direction of the bark to make the tree fall in the other course.

Trees with weak and lean timber do not require extra force and pressure, but trees having a stronger stem is harder to implant the coercion.

The Brief Description About the Steps Involved

Planning- When it comes to using a chainsaw, planning and preparation must be given a thought. In tree felling procedure, it requires a special and distinguished forestry equipment or tools to make the method quicker and easier. A stern check of the area is required to see whether the tree felling will give rise to any sort of difficulty for the inhabitants or not. Install warning and danger sign boards if the road is used as a daily commute by plenty of people.

Look for the direction- Carefully study the branches of the tree and the timber as this determines which direction the tree might fall. Most importantly, wind direction is considered to be another factor that controls the direction of the tree felling. If you are unsure about its natural felling, think about your safety first as you will be the one to get injured at first. Clear some distance around the tree so that you may get the chance to escape.

Slicing off the branches- The branches and the twigs that may create a block while felling the trees should be chopped off before tree felling.

The cutting technique- The cutting technique matters and it must be done with consistent thickness and right volume. The cut size depends on the breadth and the width of the timber and must be done in a clever manner.

Checking the diseases- If the tree is infected or infested with germs, an extra layer of precaution is required. It can be easily understood with trees having soft timber or swollen barks.

Selecting appropriate tools- An apt tool is mandatory for pruning, slicing and cutting the trees, branches, and the twigs. Breaking bar, impact bar, felling wedges, winch are called for during the tree felling process.

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