Town planning: An organized way to plan a town

Town planning is defined as the process that is required during the construction and growth of the town or any urban section. This is associated with the technical process that stresses on the development of the land, keeping in mind about the protection of the land and the environment. The planning of the town is a constructive method that requires a lot of team effort to understand the public welfare. Apart from focusing on the environment, the design also focuses on the infrastructure of the cable lines, power grids, tunnel system, transportation and waste management system. The prime aim of town planning is to use the natural resources like water and other elements of nature judiciously.

Town planning is concerned with settlements and communities and preserving the areas of environmental significance. Before the planning of any urban sections, the planners get associated with extensive research of the area, the analysis of the land, strategic thinking, design and the architecture that the land will hold, consulting the public, the recommendations of the policy and implementation of the policy during the start up of the projects.

A brief about the above mentioned points

Research- The planners go through a rigorous research about the area and how valuable this area can be for the residents. If there is no as such transport facility within the 1km of the area, it won’t be profitable for the inhabitants. Thus, it becomes quite essential to understand the daily needs of the people before planning for a construction.

Analysis- The analysis is done on how far can be the popular markets of the town, where can the rainwater accumulate if there is no proper drainage, what step is required for the waste management, how the cables and the wires can be connected and many more.

Thinking strategically- Strategic thinking is very crucial during the developmental process. While architects are busy designing the structures and architects, the planners must focus on delivering convenient means to the residents. If the water pumping station is 4km away, the planner applies strategic methods to make a channel for underwater pipes to avoid the paucity of water.

Design and architect- The design and the architecture of the plot should be solely based on the economy of the people and how convenient they can be while staying there.

Public consultation- During this consultation process, the publics are brought forth to know about the matters that is bothering them. If they are worried about the power supply, it is the work of the planners to make them understand that they are planning for some alternative methods.

Policy recommendations- Certains policies that are formulated for the public welfare must be recommended by the Government bodies.

Policy implementation- The policies recommended must be implemented within time for the welfare of the people.

Who are town planners?

The town planners are those professionals who take active participation in planning the infrastructure of the area and other sections of the area. Their task is to formulate plans for the development of the town and make the area compatible for the residents to use it for their economic and commercial purpose. The planning of the area varies as it can be designed for a residential purpose, commercial purpose, recreational purpose or even for agricultural purpose. Town planning is sometimes referred as the urban planning where the planners need to consider varieties of issues like transport, pollution, traffic of the region, the location of hospitals, markets and railway station. In addition to this, the duty of the planners is know the crime rates of the local areas, the environmental policies adopted and the zoning codes.

A brief about town planning submissions

The town planning submission is very valuable and it forms one of the most crucial parts before starting up the project. The scheme of the building proposed must meet the requirement of the council and other governmental bodies. The planning submission covers different spheres like residential, commercial, industrial, power plants and much more. The architects, engineers and the other important professionals are often briefed about the projects so that it can get readily approved. The council may involve certain aspects that need to be considered before the approval, such as the need of this building, what advantages it can bring, how it can affect the smooth life of the people and so on and so forth. The approved structure is then proceeded as per the plans and if the submission is denied it is necessary to work on certain sections to make the plan accepted by the council body.

How to choose a town planner?

Town planning requires an effective team who masters the skill of tactics and strategic forming. In this specialized field, individuals must receive proper training in order to get their work done to perfection. Besides, the professionals must hold a qualification from a dignified university and must possess a relevant experience from an authorized body.

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