Timber floors: Adds an exceptional beauty to your living room

Flooring is one of the essential parts that owners stress upon while renovating their house. This is basically renovated with tiles, but with the advancement in the styles of interior decoration people are often opting for wood and timber. The polished and carved out wooden tiles are far more considered to be attractive and beautiful when it comes to home restoration. Available in varieties of textures, the timber flooring delivers an extraordinary charm to your home.

Types of flooring available

Hardwood flooring- The basic thing about hardwood flooring is that the wood used is extracted out of a single timber. They are basically used for structural purposes, often installed vertically to support beams and ceilings of a building. Hardwood flooring is very popular in certain parts of the world, especially New England, Eastern Canada and Europe. They are preferred for their strong and durable material that can be used for very long years.

Solid wood manufacturing- Manufactured from a single timber, the wood is left open to dry in air before cutting into the edges. As per the requirement of the inhabitants, the wood is cut into three possible ways- rift sawn, flat sawn and quarter sawn. The most important part of this wooden floor is that the moisture of the timber needs to be controlled while manufacturing. This if not controlled may lead to distort of the timber during the process of storage and transport.

Styles used for manufacturing timber

Dry solid-sawn- This process involves keeping the wood in low humidity level and let the moisture dry out from the inner cells of the wood. Next, the logs are cut using a saw in the similar manner as it is done with wooden planks. Interestingly, they appear to be alike to the solid hardwood and are durable in nature.

Sliced peel- In this manufacturing process, the wood is sliced straight from the log. They are surfaced with veneers but they have sharp and cracked edges as the veneers covered were submerged in water and then they are compressed to get a flat structure.

Rotary peel- Here, the logs are boiled in the water and then peeled using a blade. The peeling of the log starts from the outer surface moving towards the center generating a wood veneer. The final step involves in pressing the veneer with high pressure making it appear flat and polished.

Which installation system you should use?

There are varieties of installation system used for fixing the timber in the ground. Some of them are explained below:

The floor connection system- In this installation system, the wooden plank is provided with grooves on all four sides. A single piece is applied between two planks over the grooves to fasten them. The piece used for joining the timbers are made out of rubber, wood or plastic.

Glue method- This is yet another simple technique used for wood installation on the floors. However, this method is popular over concrete sub floors where a layer of mastic is laid on the floor with wooden planks laid on the top. The planks are then hammered with a rubber mallet so that it gets stuck to the glue.

Floating method- In the floating installation method, the timber is placed in a glueless manner on the top of the underlay. The timber planks are connected using the Woodlock system, which is neither glued or nailed down with the sub-level. In this floating system, the floor remains on top of the existing tile without creating any damage to the sub-floor.

Tongue and groove- In this process, the plank has a groove and a tongue on the each side of it. The use of the tongue and the grove is used to hold and connect the two planks together. The installation can be processed by using glue, floating and nails.

The popular timber choices

The most popular timber choices that you can choose are- cedar, bamboo, Blackbutt, Tasmanian oak, Ironwood and many more. Apart from this, there are other varieties that you can choose from like Jarra, Merbau, Kempas, Pacific Kauri and Victorian Ash. They are available in different styles and colors suiting every home.

How to choose the correct timber?

The timber used for flooring must suit the lifestyle of the people. If your home has a contemporary feel and look, the textures and the color of the wooden plank must suit the overall appearance of your home. Besides, the budget is another notable factor that needs to be considered. Your ability to spend money for the timber flooring will reflect on the look of your house. Hiring a designer or an interior decorator might be a better and helpful choice. Apart from this, every sort of timber requires cleaning and maintenance. Thus, it becomes essential to choose a proper timber so that it does not only gives a better appearance to your home, but also takes less amount of money to conserve the beauty of it.

Tips to maintain the timber

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