How to Get Rid of The Termites in Your House?

The termites are harmful insects that are sometimes found in the furniture. These insects have the tendency to feed on the wood and leads to the destruction of the furniture in a few span of years. The infest of the termites are not noticeable for the first years, but it becomes terribly wrong when termite controls are not adopted. Termites indicate a warning that is needed to be treated at once to make your house free of germs. People tend to get confused with ants as the winged termites, but it is essential to identify the termites in order to take protective measures.

How to find the infestation?

Remaining ignorant does not help as it further gives rise to more problems in the future. If you cannot find a termite infestation that does not signify that your home is termite free. As mentioned earlier, the infestation may stay for years without giving any prior warning. The holes in the wood, formation of mud tubes over the walls or ceiling, sagging floors or hollow structure on the base are of the signs to indicate that your house under the invasion of insects.

If you get any sort of mark, try to find the termites using a flashlight and a blunt equipment. The termites may come out of their specific location if you try to tap on the wood or push the blunt equipment through the hollow spaces. If there is a presence of termite in the house, the wood may be weak near the holes and one can easily push the object inside. Moreover, it is requisite to notice the termite droppings that comes in wood or dark brown color. If you can recognize the droppings then you might get a slight signal on the existence of termites in the furniture.

Types of termites that might attack

There are basically two types of termites present to infect your home- drywood termites and subterranean termites. The subterranean termites are a bit different to the drywood termites as the former is found in both the ground and the wood, while the latter is found only in the wood. The subterranean termites are mostly found in the coastal regions having a warm climate, especially in the areas of Texas, California, Florida, Georgia and Louisiana. On the other hand, the drywood termites are very common and can be found anywhere in the states.

Information about the termite control products

Thetermiticides are available as a liquid and bait system. Demand CS, Cyper TC, Tengard SRF, Termidor Sc, Dominion 2L, Optiguadrd Flex, Arilon, Tremite Foam and advanced termite bait are some of the recommendations of the termite control products that can be used during the infestation. One of the disadvantages that remain with the termiticides is that they are not consistent with the soil, but with the advanced treatment, the chlorinated hydrocarbon products like chlordane, aldrin and lindane have high stability in the soil and last longer than the previously used products.

On the other hand, termite baiting performs an equally important function and there are varieties of bait that is available in the market. The bait can be applied directly on the ground as well as on the furniture so that the termites can feed on them. The technology used for the baiting system are made advanced in nature, so that it carries the potential to kill the termites. The baits can be used beforehand in order to monitor the activities in the wooden floor and furniture. It even controls the excess attack of the termites over the soil.

How to treat the infested house?

As mentioned in the above the liquid and the baits are considered to be most effective processes, but it requires professional help to get the process done. The termite control products are not environmentally friendly and it affects the health of living beings. Thus, it requires a professional expert who knows to handle the products well.

The liquid termicides are applied over the soil, creating a yearlong effect that prevents the termites to enter the house from the soil. The non-repellant products use such as Premise, Termidor and Phantom have the potential to kill the termites when the soil comes under the treatment.

Depending on the volume of the soil, the pest operators decide the amount of the termicides used for the action. The diluted products are generally implemented with pipe having a nozzle to spray in the land. Prior to the start of the procedure, a channel is dug into the soil so that the mixture can be distributed evenly all over.

It is also applied over the foundation of the walls both inside and outside to protect the material and prevent the termites from climbing onto the walls. 4 gallons of diluted chemicals per 10 feet are suggested. In addition to this, the pest operators take special interest in spreading the mixture to other structure of the house that is in contact with the soil such as piers, conduits, pipes, sewage system, chimney base and others.

For the exterior foundation walls, rodding method is used that requires injecting of the chemical mixture through a hollow rod with a nozzle. After the application of the termite product, it is essential to cover the channel that is dug with the excess soil that is removed.

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