Things Important to Know About Surveying

Surveying is the technique that involves a scientific method to determine the condition of land, property or a building. It calculates the dimension and position of three points in a land and measures the angles between them. Surveying is a very important task when it comes to planning a layout of a building or a project. The three dimensional points that are discussed above are used to regulate land maps and boundaries to construct a new property specially for the Government premises. Land surveyors refer to those professionals who are experts in land surveying methods.

During any of the construction process, the surveyors are brought to work with the engineers, architects, planners and other builders. For a construction purpose, different sort of surveyors are required, for instance, land surveyors are held responsible to have a detailed check on the land’s topography and other physical features of the area. A building surveyor is required to understand the construction of the building, whether it is safe for the residents to reside without facing any health hazard. A quantity surveyor is kept in order to a stern check over the cost of the materials and other construction units.

Types of survey

About the surveying profession

In surveying, varieties of tools are required like a total station theodolite, gyrotheodolite, robotic total station, retroreflectors, scanners, GPS receivers, GIS, radio, tablets, surveying software and a lot more equipment required. The surveying professionals work with different elements of science and mathematics, including physics, geometry, trigonometry, engineering, metrology, regression analysis, programming languages and many more.

Surveying has a long history and has been developed since ages. It is used as an essential tool to continue the research in many technical and geographical fields. The surveyors are high level professionals who have extreme knowledge on the placement and location of roads, pipelines, walls, bridges, buildings, dams, reservoirs and railways. They are well versed with the legal proceedings and consequences and act by the law of the Government.

The surveyors act as advisors and provides various statistics and data for GIS system and records all the land features that might help in the construction process. A sound knowledge of calculus, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and jurisdiction laws is a must for enhancing the construction in a real estate and in a government property. There are three levels of academic qualification required for assistant, technicians and registered surveyors.

The assistants who work under the surveyors are generally considered to be unskilled practitioners, sharpening their skills under the guidance of the surveyors. They are advised to place target reflectors, mark specific points and distance on the ground, search for reference mark and many more.  The technicians help to operate every survey instrument and software and is called for to perform certain calculations and draft plans, layout, etc.

The highest degree or qualification is held by the licensed surveyors need to pass exams and gain certifications in order to carry out his work. They make sure that the survey is guided under their supervision meeting all the legal standards, principles and code of ethics of the profession.

Techniques required for the survey

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