Stone veneer- simple ways to decorate your home

If you are planning to give your home an extraordinary look, the stone veneer is an appropriate choice. The stone veneer is used to decorate your home with artificial and natural stones that will also act as a protective shield to your walls. It is basically used to cover the exterior and the interior walls that not only enhance the beauty of the wall but also secure the walls from damage. The veneer is light in weight and is almost 1 inch thick, which makes them faster to set into the walls. On the exterior surface, the veneer is basically installed on the roof-tops, side walls or at the main entrance to redefine the beauty of the house. On the interior side, stone veneer is stuck near the fireplace, kitchen, bathroom and other walls which you want to redecorate.

How can be useful?

The main benefit that one can attain is that stone veneer will definitely act as a preventive layer of the wall. When installed on the exterior areas, the veneer will protect the wall against damp, moisture, rain and heat. These natural forces are the main elements that cause damage to the walls and incur huge loss to the owner in order to mend them. Besides, when these are set in the interior areas, they resist the walls from excess heat and water splashing on the surface. Basically, bathroom requires huge usage of water and that affects the walls. If you look at the fireplace and the kitchen, the walls go through a high amount heat and pressure. Thus, these veneers when set guards the wall against the extreme temperature. In addition to this, it also decorates your house and gives a contemporary look to it.

The stones that can be used

The stones that can be used for the veneer are either natural or manufacturing ones. The natural stones are the real stones used to install on the walls. Fieldstones and quarried are such examples that are used as the natural ones. The main advantage of these stones are they can be cut accordingly and placed with a minimum thickness. Manufacturing stones are a bit more decorative than the real ones and are used as the substitute of the natural stones. They look quite similar and the color options are very high. People can choose different color, texture and designs among the varied options. As compared to the natural stones, the artificial ones are low in weight and possess lesser cost to install. Faux and stacked veneer stones are some of its examples.

More advantages that you can count on

With all such usefulness, the more benefits that you can add to the chart is that the stones are cost effective. Though the cost differs between the real stones and the artificial ones, but the prices are considered within the budget. The cost of material as well as the cost of the application is moderate and does not exceed the price you want to pay. In addition to this, the weight of the stones is very less and that does not create any problem to carry and set. Manufactured stone veneers are cheap and lightweight than the real stone veneers but adds equal beauty to the walls. Moreover, you can add different colors and textures to the walls and rooftops as the options available are numerous. Last but not the least, if you care about the allure of your house or office, the stone veneer needs to be your choice.

Which stones you should choose?

If you are confused between choosing the right stones for your property, this post will guide you through. Before selecting the stones, you need to consider few points like durability, cost, attractiveness, availability of options and mason, and the limitations. In case of natural stone, they are strong and durable and can be stuck onto the walls as well as the ground. The manufactured ones are not as strong as the real ones and they may tend to crack or break after a few years of use. The natural stones have aesthetic appeal, whereas the manufactured stones come with distinct cut, shapes and texture. There is a high availability of mason for the installation of the natural stones, but the same is less of the latter.

How to install stone veneer?

Installing stone veneer is not a tough job, but it requires professional experts to set them without destroying the beauty of it. During the process of installation, there should be a careful and proper work so that it serves the purpose of installation. For exterior purpose, it requires a scratch coat, which is also referred to as the cement plaster coating. This coating is applied over the water resistant area that comes in two layers: Grade D paper and Metal lath. The surface of the area needs to be prepared by rubbing the Grade D paper over the hard covering. With all such applications, the surface tends to appear rough.  The next step includes spreading of the metal lath and then a coating of mortar over the lath surface and let it allow to set for a minimum of 30 minutes. Prior to the work of the installation, the quantity required must be apprehended and the design you want to put must be framed. Use different colors and textures and mix them according to the design you want on your walls. Create a distinct design and make sure to apply a thick coat of mortar on the back surface of the stones. The next step involves joining the stones with another coating of mortar so that any of the broken areas can be covered. After drying brush off the excess mortar to create a smoothing effect on the wall. The last step consists of cleaning of the wall with water and brush and leaves it overnight to dry.

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