How Stone Masonry Creates a Wonder to Your House?

Masonry is defined as the art or the technique of shaping the stones in geometrical order and applying mortar to stick them together to give them a definite structure. Stone masonry existed since early ages when the civilization learnt the first use of the tools. It is used to create buildings, monuments, sculpture and many more. Now-a-days, stone masonry is highly used to generate houses and walls, where hard and soft stones are laid in order to give an artistic look. The stone structures are generally built by the professional stone masons using concrete blocks, slabs and other materials to make it strong and endurable.

Types of stone used for masonry

Stone masonry can be done using natural stones as well as artificial stones depending on the cost one wants to pay for their houses. The natural stones used are described below.

What are the tools used for the stone masonry purpose?

Stone masonry requires a different range of tools including mallet, chisel, metal straight edge, hammer, nippers to give the stones a shape of definite blocks and slabs. These tools are used to provide a flat surface to the rocks and giving a smooth finish to the stones. The chisels come in various sizes and shapes and perform different functions. They are basically used to remove the sharp edges and the extra materials from the rocks giving it a plain and smooth touch.

Apart from this, mortar mixture is another important tool that comprises of a rotating drum and paddles that is used to mix the mortars. Masonry trowel comes into function while laying the stones with mortals. The trowel is used to attach two stones and fix them in the definite place. The gaps between the two stones can be filled using tuck pointers, pointing trowels and margin trowels.

The hammer comes in two shapes commonly called as punch hammer and catchy hammer. The punch hammer has a long, thin head generally used with a chisel to break the stones. On the other hand, the catchy hammer is used for the similar reason with a chisel producing extra remains of the stone. To save time and money, technology has brought powerful tools like air chisels, abrasive spinners, angle grinders and much more.

What to look for before hiring a stone mason?

Before appointing any stone mason, check for their qualification and years of experience. They must possess a license to work and must have received an appropriate training to use the tools in the correct order. In addition to this, the masons must have the knowledge of various designs and the techniques require to cut and reshape the blocks of stone. While working with granite, the experts know the design can only be sculpted out with great persistence and determination.

On the other hand, the soft stones are faster and easier to work with. Apart from the masonry, they must have a brief understanding about the architects and the design that might look good on the wall, roofs, kitchen bench tops, slabs and others. The price is another factor that is taken into consideration as it differs for different structures. Prior to the beginning of the work, it is essential to look for some of their samples and previous work so that you must get a satisfactory output at the end. The stone masons are equally talented in building retaining walls, fireplaces, staircases, barbecues, chimneys and much more.

About the professional training

Basically, stone masons need to serve an internship of seven years but with the modern educational process, the apprenticeship last for three years. During these years of learning, the candidates are exposed to on-site work, making them learn practically and theoretically. In some states, the college courses take heed in introducing their students to the manual skills as well as relevant field work in the construction site.

The workshops are the favorable places where the students can receive their practical training about stone masonry. A stone mason pursuer must be physically fit and has the ability to coordinate his hand and eye movement. He should not possess any fear while working at heights and requires to have a fair knowledge of mathematics and counting. The training programs develop and sharpen the skills of the candidates and make them professional stone masons.

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