Check For Beautiful Staircase Construction to Make Your House Look Appealing

Staircases are beautifully designed bridges with vertical steps that connects two storeys of a building. The floors of a building stay connected with the stairs. This construction has other components such as stairwell, stair hall, box stairs and others. The stairwell refers to the vertical structure than runs between the floors and provides space for the stairs to be placed. The stair hall is the landing that people come across while moving from one floor to another and the box stairs are built across the walls that are supported by the wall strings. The steps of the stair cases comprise of three parts- tread, riser and nosing. The tread is the flat surface where you step your feet while the vertical position that rises upward from the tread is called the Riser. The exterior edge that protrudes out of the tread is called the nosing.

The types of staircases that can be built

The description of the types of stairs is given below.

Materials used for staircases

Staircases can be built using steel, corten, bronze, aluminium, concrete, stainless steel, glass, wood, stone and many more. The materials used for the indoor and outdoor staircases differ as some requires high maintenance whereas some requires low. The outdoor staircases are specially built with timber, concrete, steel and stones to give a natural look. These materials are durable and can resist temperature and adverse weather condition. On the other hand, the interior of the house can be decorated with aluminium, glass, bronze and others that enhances the look of the house. The materials and the design of the staircase should justify the look of the house.

For instance, if a person is staying in a higher altitude regions, he may choose to live in a wooden house. In such cases, one cannot construct a glass stairs in such wooden house, rather the stair specialist would prefer timber or wood stairs to construct in the house. The stair represents the type of the house the people live in. If your house has a traditional touch, use the materials that may add an aesthetic appeal to the house. Apart from the materials, the design structure also matters when it comes to construction of stairs inside a palace, museum, office buildings, mansions, library and others. In every construction, the design of the staircase differs such as spiral, circular, straight and bifurcated. With the advancement in the structure of the design and technology, spiral and circular stairs are rising to become popular choice.

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