The reason why you need splashbacks in your home

Kitchen, bathroom and laundry are the crucial part of your home that needs daily maintenance. However, often these areas of our home are neglected and it results in damage of the structure and the beauty of it. Splashbacks are meant to give a new look to your kitchen, bathroom and laundry as well as protect the wall from further damage. Basically, the damages are held due to the over use of the water that disfigures the appearance of the tiles. In such cases, the splashbacks come in handy to prevent the walls and the coloration of the tiles against splashing of water. These are defined as a thin sheet of glass and plastic that serves innumerable functions in the core areas of your house.

Types of splashbacks available for kitchen:

  1. Stainless steel splashbacks- These splashbacks are considered to be expensive, beautiful and a modern choice for your kitchen. If you want to give a contemporary outlook to your kitchen, the stainless steel should be your pick. To order a stainless steel splashback, the measurement of the width and height of the kitchen cabinet is essential. The size and the design of the splashback will depend on the structure of your kitchen. After selecting your suitable equipment, they are directly fixed onto the walls or tiles with adhesive. Among all the designs available the custom cut design is highly popular and it considered to be exorbitant than the rest. The main advantage of this equipment is that the steel serves as a perfect resistant to corrosion, heat and water. Apart from this, it is extremely durable and easy to clean. However, it comes with certain limitations. The major drawback of this equipment is that it gives way to visible and prominent marks on its surface due to its plain and mirror-like surface. The obvious marks that can be noticed are fingerprints and scratches, ketchups, sauces, smudged foods and water marks. If you want to make your kitchen look clean and tidy, maintenance of the splashback on a daily basis is compulsory. Though the product is not very cheap, but the advantages you face is definitely worth the cost.
  2. Acrylic splashbacks- Moderately priced, this splashback is high in demand, especially for its cut and designs that can be altered according to the owner’s choice. Acrylic splashbacks serve its purpose as a substitute to tiles and glass because of its similar looking surface and feature. This equipment is carved out from tough plastics referred to as " polymethyl methacrylate " offering brilliant transparency. The extreme feature of transparency allows the UV rays to pass through reducing its tendency to turn yellow. The main advantages of this kitchen product are that they are lightweight, durable and has the propensity to change colors. They can be easily installed and the availability of various colors gives a varied outlook to the kitchen. However, you may face certain disadvantages like easy marks and scratches, lesser resistant to heat and may crack if applied excess pressure. The maintenance required is normal and can be regularly cleaned with damp cloth or sponge.

Types of splashbacks available for bathroom:

  1. Tiles- This is the most used splashbacks that you may opt for bathroom. Tiles can design your bathroom in the way you like. It comes in different colors and designs that help to redefine the appearance of your bathroom within your budget. Moreover, it even saves the wall from damage of excess splashing of water during a shower. Tiles can style up the bathroom in a contemporary way, Bohemian way and even French way. The foremost advantage of this splashback is that one can choose numerous designs and cuts as per the expense of one’s pocket. The setting of the tiles is a bit time consuming method and it is better to use them after complete grouting. Though the maintenance needs to be done on a regular basis with soap solution to keep it free from water, dirt and germs.
  2. Mosaic- This is yet another interesting element that you can add up to give an innovative look to your bathroom. Mosaic splashbacks are growing in popularity as it creates an extraordinary effect to the walls of the bathroom. They are available in small and large sheets, which can be laid setting a brilliant example of modish artwork. The advantages are quite similar to those of the tiles and it too requires cleaning in order to keep up with its beauty.

What to consider before choosing a splashback?

Before choosing a splashback for your kitchen or bathroom, one should first look out for a suitable material that they want to install. Besides steel, acrylic, tiles and mosaic, some people may also prefer mirror, glass, and laminate, timber, zenolite and paint. Every material comes with distinct characteristics, benefits, maintenance and price. It depends on the taste and preference of the people what material they would love to try in the kitchen and bathroom walls. Moreover, the price of the materials, installation charges and the maintenance cost all adds up to the purchase of the equipment. Style your kitchen according to the entire design of your house. There is no point of choosing traditional and artistic work if your entire house has a contemporary appearance. The foremost consider is the budget and how much you want to spend to give your house a luxurious feel.

The next consideration that matters is the quality of the splashbacks. Some materials are highly durable and has excellent resistance to heat and water, whereas some are lighter in structure and may tend to crack with excessive heat and pressure. Choosing of colors and designs should be not considered negligible as by the end of the day it will add to the beauty of your kitchen and bathroom. Last but not the least, select an experience worker who is well versed with the installing equipment so that he leaves no scratches or crack on the splashback.

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