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Improving the looks of the house is one of the prime requisites of home owners. There are array of things available in the market that tend to improve the looks and feel of the house. Although you can choose anything and everything for this particular purpose, very less of us actually are aware of the term splashbacks. These are extremely stylish and therefore become a valuable addition to the home, but prior to making a decision you need to know more about these materials. Consider reading the following points to know more about the need for splashbacks and how suppliers prove to be a beneficial choice.

What Do You Mean By Splashbacks:

Even when we use it every day, very less of us actually know its name. These are being designed in a manner to make it look extremely attractive and serve various purposes. Their looks and serving numerous purposes at the same time makes them a valuable inclusion for areas like bathroom, laundry and kitchen. These are predominantly being used in areas where it tends to get damaged due to water. They are the sheets that are being embedded to ensure complete protection of the walls underneath. Not only water, fire can also snatch away the looks and result in a dull looks, for such areas, these materials prove to be a valuable addition.

Splashbacks prove to be the best choice when installed near the stove since heat rays tend to take away the looks of the walls. In addition to this, walls are prone to catch dirt and dust very easily and this is the reason why installing these materials proves to be a valuable choice. Apart from ensuring proper condition of the walls, these materials can be cleaned very easily therefore even when if there is a splash while cooking, these surfaces forbid from damaging the walls.

Since the styles and patterns of these splashbacks available in the market are many, there is always a need for getting hold of a good one. These are available in different sizes and shapes commencing from a height of 400mm – 600mm and much more. Not only the size matters but also you need to choose as per the requirements. There are different types of materials available and hence you need to choose as per the requirements. Experts are always a valuable choice s they understand the right distance that needs to be maintained in order to stay away from further damage. In case the distance between the stove and the splashback is less, you need to make sure that it is a non-combustible material.

Selecting a Splashback:

Since it is an addition, there are numerous aspects that are required considering while making a choice of splashback. Primarily, make sure that the material you are choosing is within the budget. Since some materials are exceptionally high priced and this is the reason why, making sure that the material is within the budget is a necessity. Secondly you need to make sure that the style of the material suits perfectly with the home décor. As if you purchase a material that looks completely different from your house décor will definitely look abrupt. Thirdly, you need to make sure that the material is good for the purpose. If it is for kitchen, the material needs to be non-combustible and stain resistant and if you are buying it for your bathroom, then you need to make sure that the materials are water resistant.

Experts are always a valuable choice while purchasing these splashbacks. There is always a need for durability as frequent replacement is a necessity. Make sure that the materials of these substances are durable and have a commendable color. You might choose solid colors or prints on it, but then again it is always recommended by the people to make a choice of neutral and earthy colors.

Materials Used for Splashbacks:

If you are not aware of the types of materials that are normally being used for these home accessories, make sure you read the following for complete information.


Don’t get surprised, as tiles are not only a choice for flooring but as splashbacks, tiles are much popular than any other materials. We are much aware that the colors and styles of these materials are many and hence you can make a choice as per your requirements. Some of the most common tiles used as splashbacks are mosaic, ceramic and recycled glass. One of the most advantageous properties is these materials are available from simple to extraordinary styles and ranges from cheap to expensive hence you can make a choice.


These days, glass has become much popular because of its amazing looks. There is no doubt that the colors and styles available are uncountable and hence they tend to become a valuable inclusion for the house. The only challenging part is their huge price range. Using this in kitchens and bathrooms is a valuable chive as they come with easy maintenance and cleaning options.


Acrylic is another amazing material that is available in huge array of colors. Being such a durable and versatile material, these are much popular in the market. Both because of its looks and features, they are known in the market.

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is one of the most common materials that is being used as a splashback. From the various types of stainless steel materials, brushed one is the most popular. Unlike the other types of materials, brushed one proves to be a better choice as they tend to chow less marks. Available in many sizes and easy installation makes these materials a valuable choice.


This is one of the most durable and attractive materials but is immensely expensive. When stones are being used in surface, they not only seal the wall surface but enhance the looks of the space. The availability of various colored stones and when installed in your space tends to enhance the looks.

Splashback is definitely a need for the homeowners not only to protect the wall surface but also to improve the looks. Make sure you get hold of an experience professional for a better result. Now you can also browse the category section of for getting hold of an expert.

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