How Skylight Give a Embellish Look for Your Home?

Skylights have their origin in history dated in the ancient Roman architecture, but with the advancement in time and technology skylights have been brought to many uses. The Industrial Revolution has given birth to many progress in the glass production, giving a unique blend of style and color to the skylights. It is an arrangement of windows that transmit light from the ceiling. It is generally installed in the roof tops for the purpose of daylight and enjoying the sky at night. It includes roof windows, custom skylights, unit skylights, tubular daylighting devices and sloped glazing.

The materials basically used

The types of skylight

How to install a skylight?

Installing a skylight brings more amount of natural light to your house. It is not necessary to embed skylight in a particular area of your house, rather it is now-a-days inserted in in bathrooms, living rooms, kitchen, attic and other places.

Things to remember before installing a skylight

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