Know Everything Before Having A Beautiful Pergola Constructed At Your Residence

Outdoor space has a wide range of utilities to offer. Whether freestanding or attached pergolas make way for great utilitarian outdoor space. No matter if it is about organizing a grand party or just sitting idle under the sun, you can now enjoy a fresh breath with a pergola at your residence. Sometimes your living space may fall short to accommodate a hundred people or at times you may feel the necessity to spend quiet moments with yourself; what do you do during such instances? Do you need to hire a property just for the occasion. In most of the cases, pergolas add to the value of a living space; it makes your residential space even bigger in the truest sense. These outdoor entertaining areas give you extended space to enjoy the outdoors. Want to gift yourself a relaxing corner right at home? Consider choosing the freestanding pergola just adjacent to the pool or spa. Sometimes the much overlooked backyard can be given a refurbished look with the appearance like that of a gazebo or even a cozy hut. 

In most of the instances pergolas are created on a particular paving or decking. Its main aim is to provide outdoor shelter, especially for added privacy and entertainment. However creative you may be, it is always advisable to design your pergola in a way such that its pattern matches with that of your home interior. 

Points to consider while designing the pergola

There are various factors that determine the design of a pergola. It is essential for you to consider these parameters before settling for a design. Here, take a look: 

If you want to focus more on natural light, choosing a north facing pergola will seem most appropriate. To make the most out of solar energy it is best to emphasize on a design welcoming natural light. 

When it comes to designing pergolas, interior design experts try out various patterns. One of the most determinant factors having an impact on the design is privacy. If you like to keep this space as cozy as possible, then it is recommended that curtains or screens be put up.  Some of the widely used screens on pergolas are mentioned below: 
When it comes to adding on to the privacy quotient what matters most is your personal choice. Whatever you think will suit the décor should be put up for screening. You can even seek advice of a renowned garden designer.

The existing landscape of your residence is surely a point to consider. This factor has always been a strong determinant controlling over the design of any living space. Even the designer will accordingly choose the pattern suitable for your much desired outdoor space.

The fourth most decisive factor affecting the design of a pergola is the regulation imposed by the local council. It is true that before a construction takes place the property owner has to first consult with the local councilor to understand the regulations involved in bringing up a pergola. These regulations often depend upon the scale of the project and the area where you live.

Pergola materials

Timber being versatile, stylish and durable is one of the commonest materials used to construct a pergola. You can choose from a wide range of hardwood as well as softwood variants. Irrespective of the type of wood you may choose, it is important to keep in mind the fact that pergola materials should be well treated before being used by the constructor. Using durable and high class wood will mean adding to the strength and durability of the construction. 

These days steel framing is widely used for its versatility and strength. Besides, steel has the intrinsic property to mold well. So, if you are thinking of a Victorian design or one that is absolutely contemporary, it will be wise to consider a steel frame.

Roofing for the pergola

While designing the pergola, it is important that you consider the perfect roofing material for the construction. Some of these materials are as follows:

Polycarbonate: If you choose polycarbonate for roofing, you will be ensured of plenty of natural light without being exposed to UV rays. Polycarbonate also helps in shielding you from other damaging elements.

Steel: if you are using steel for roofing of the pergola, it is essential that the design you are choosing coordinates well with the aesthetics of the frame. 

Shade cloth: Among various other elements required for roofing shade cloth deserves special mention. They are easily available and can be mounted with ease. You can either have the shade sail nailed or get it erected. These days shade cloth comes in a variety of colors. Most interestingly, it protects the outdoor area from UV rays. 

Thatch: Thatched roof lend a certain island like feel. It makes you feel like you are on an island for a refreshing retreat. When laid on the correct position, thatched roofs can protect the interiors from various harmful elements.

Climbers: You will definitely be benefited if you consider climbing plants to create a roof for your pergola. It offers a certain dappled light and the sweet scent of flowers add to the relaxing environ of this beautiful outdoor space. Deciduous climbers make for an ideal choice as they welcome maximum sun rays. So, you can spend great winter moments under your beautiful pergola. 

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