What More You Need To Know About Marble Stones

Flooring is an important aspect that needs to be considered when you are opting for renovation or a complete new construction. When you choose the right type of material as a flooring material, you are actually improving the looks and feel of the house. Before choosing various colors for painting the walls, you need to make a choice to make a successful renovation. Marbles are one such name that are in the market since a long time and even now the demands are similarly huge. While opting for renovation or new construction, make sure that you get hold of a reputed supplier to get hold of materials according to your choice and requirement.

Marbles has always been a superior building material for both residential and commercial projects. We make various efforts to make our house look good by investing huge on the furniture and other aspects, but very less of us actually focus on the flooring type. Since these are hard and come in many designs, they prove to be a valuable inclusion for the building projects.

More About Marble Stone:

These simple yet highly elegant building materials are composed of calcite which makes them very hard. However, these are not hard like the granites. This is the reason why marbles are susceptible to staining, scratching and acid etching. Since they are available in the market in an array of finishes, they have become a common materials for the architects. Whatever is the choice whether you require refined and a polished look or you are looking for some rustic look, you can get it all with these marble stone. Its elegance and simplicity injects a good ambiance in your house.

For the interiors of house, marbles with its luxurious finish becomes appropriate. It reveals your classic and classy choice yet is a very practical option. Marble has polished elegance, crisp which makes the building look classy. It might not be the prime choice for everyone, but definitely installing marbles is a smart choice. Although a lot of materials are emerging with every passing day, making use of marbles are always a good choice as they can be used both as a permanent and temporary solution, if after few years, you get fed up with the same look, you can opt for a change as replacing marbles are not at all hard.

How Are Marbles Different From Other Stones?

Travertine: This is a type of limestone whose main constituent is calcium carbonate. As it is calcium carbonate so mostly these are white or off-white colored. And people who are more attracted to neutral tones can make use of these.

Granite: Granite is more similar to the marbles, but then again it not at all the same rock. It is a igneous rock which means formed in thousands of years from the molten rocks which has cooled and hardened with time. They can be distinguished from marbles when watched carefully. They are way much harder than the marbles.

Marbles: Just like the travertine, marbles are another variety of limestone. But then again, there are many difference between travertine and marbles. Marble is not a sedimentary rock but it is a metamorphic rock hence they are denser and also are available in a manifold of colors. Mainly these are white, but green, black, blue and another hues are also available. These colors actually comes from the impurities while rock formation.

Positive Features of Marble Tile:

There is no doubt that most of the architects and homeowners prefer marbles due to its many positive attributes. Following are some of the qualities that attracts the owners.

Durability: Whether it is a commercial or residential flooring, there is always a need for getting hold of a durable material. Since it is not possible to change flooring frequent, looking for a durable material is a better choice. Marbles is a superior choice when it is about the durability of the flooring system. To comprehend its durability one just needs to have knowledge about its formation and how it still uphold the ancient structures.

Maintenance: Since marble is a natural substance, it requires proper maintenance. A good household dusting and mopping helps to maintain its quality and looks. These substances tend to accumulate dirt and dust very easily along with catch stains easily and this is the reason why regular damp mopping is a necessity to remove the spills immediately and maintain its quality and looks.

Beauty: Marble is known for its impeccable and elegant looks. There are different style available like the veined looks and crystalline one. Some fels veined looks are better than crystalline looks, while others feel the opposite. They are simple, elegant and feels luxurious due to its polished looks.

Things To Take Care With Marble Tiles:

To enjoy the many advantages, there are many things that one needs to consider prior to selecting marble tiles for making use as a building material. The main characteristics are that marbles are prone to scratches, cold, sensitive to chemicals and very expensive.

Chemical Sensitivity: Since these are the calcium components, they are sensitive to acids like citrus juices, soft drinks and vinegar along with other acids like salad dressing, ketchup and also other household products. Spills from these household items can ruin the texture and finish and hence requires proper maintenance.

Coldness: Like any other stone, marble is very good at conducting heat away and this is the reason why it gives a cold feeling when walked with bare feet. There is always a need to consider the location prior to installation along with the climatic type. For the people living in the colder regions, it is a necessity to wear slippers or use rugs or carpets.

Scratch: Since it is a material that is known for its elegant looks, there is a need to clean it at a regular interval. These materials tend to get scratched by dirt and sand and this is the reason why marbles prove to be a valuable inclusion.

Marbles are definitely a good choice for homeowners but taking proper care is a necessity along with choosing properly. You can also get hold of suppliers to choose the right material in order to choose the right type and style. Their knowledge and experience helps to make the right choice for the home improvement projects.

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