Everything You Have to Understand about Finding a Lawn and Turf Supplier

One of the most suitable ways to add a stylish appearance to the outdoor space of your house is to make lawns. The turfs of the lawns are divided into various types and you can choose the most appropriate one among them. There are professional companies that carry out the services of lawn and turf installation. They are responsible for several tasks. They supply the materials needed for the installation of the turf. After that they lay the lawn and turf. Even they are responsible for laying the synthetic turf around swimming pools, playgrounds, caravan parks etc. They are also responsible for the tasks like controlling pests. 

Services Connected to Lawn and Turf Installation

A professional needs to accomplish several tasks to provide you with a beautiful lawn. Here, the services are mentioned briefly. 

Lawn and Turf Supply

Various kinds of materials are required to create a beautiful and appealing lawn. The professionals are responsible for the task. The materials are new turf, fertilizer for the turf, the topsoil that is placed beneath the new turf and various other things.

Various types of turfs are available in the market and the suppliers are aware of all of them. The growth of the grass depends a lot on the weather conditions of your area and the supplier is responsible for suggesting the most suitable type for you. They will also suggest you the ways to maintain the turf that has been installed. The professional companies are able to provide everything required for a fine lawn. Even, they provide the services like the installation and maintenance of the lawn. 

Lawn and Turf Laying

Very often it happens that people get bored due to the old look of the lawn. The best way to get rid of this is to lay a new turf on it. There are various types of turfs from which you can choose the most suitable type  for you. The thing that you have to consider is to lay the turf correctly. This is why the professionals are needed as they know all the ways. 

The very first thing that you have to ensure is that the turf is laid soon after the delivery of it. The reason behind it is that it would become dry if it is not installed for a few days together. Several steps need to be followed for the preparation of the new turf. At first the weeds and the rocks should be removed and new soil is added in their places. The professionals also use fertilizers after it. Finally the turf is dressed and it is soaked with water. 

After the accomplishment of all these tasks the professionals will advise you on the maintenance of the turf. They will tell you how often you need to water it and when it should be mown. 

Synthetic Turf Supply and Install

It is very difficult to follow the maintenance procedure of your lawn as it requires huge time and effort. This is why the new generation synthetic turf has been brought out into the market. You have to pay some extra at the time of installing the turf, but with it you can get rid of spending the huge sum of money in the name of maintenance. 

Synthetic turf is the most suitable alternative of natural grass. Modern technology has invented such procedure following which it has become possible to make synthetic turf that has original grass like appearance. It does not charge you with huge maintenance cost as you don’t need to spend money behind fertilizers, mowing and watering. 

Synthetic turf can be of two types. They are residential and commercial. There are various companies that provide them. They also have experienced installers who are responsible for the proper preparation of the surface, laying of the base and the turf. 

Lawn and Turf- Disease and Pest Management

With the passage of time, lawns become the shelters of several types of pests and thereby get affected by various kinds of diseases. The lawns that have poor drainage system, often get affected by algae. To keep it dry, lawn sand should be used. Lawns with too much shade often have lichen on them. The only way to get rid of it is to use lawn sand. You have to make suitable conditions so that the grass could grow faster. The lawn should be brushed on a regular basis unless it could get affected with worms. It should be covered with plastic sheets to get rid of the leatherjackets. During the day, the plastic should be removed so that they can become a good meal of the birds. 

To maintain your lawn properly, you have to look at the drainage system of it, and should use suitable fertilizer. The fallen leaves should be removed regularly and last but not the least, you have to use preventive sprays on it.

In Need of a Professional?

There are various professional companies that are engaged in the task of laying lawn and turf. The very first task that you need to do before choosing one among them is to ask for a quote to know whether it is just the turf or the full service that they provide. You also need to ask the professional about the procedure of the maintenance that you need to follow after the installation. 

Make it certain that the professional is licensed:

None but the licensed professionals should be engaged for the task because it would be illegal to give the responsibility of laying turf to an unlicensed one according to the rules of the Australian Government. Apart from this, you can get a guarantee on the work from the professional who has proper licenses.

Proof of necessary insurances:

It is very necessary to check the insurance papers of the professionals to ensure that they are covered to pay for any damage that might be done while providing the service. The company should also have insurances for the staff.

Try at least three quotes:

If you are in search of a lawn and turf supplier, you will have numerous options. To select the most suitable one, you have to compare the quotes of different professionals to know the prices charged by them.  

Check their past references:

The professional should have a good record of quality work. You can only judge the quality of him after looking at the samples of his past works. So, you need to ask him for the samples.

Check with the professional if he wants to sign any agreement or not:

Ask the professional for an agreement where the charges, the time frame and the specifications will be mentioned. You also need to make it clear whether there are any hidden charges or not. 

Prices Charged by a lawn and turf supplier:

The standard rate of the lawn and turf supplier is $60 per hour. The standard price of the turfs is around $15 per roll. The mentioned rates can give you an idea, but it can be made certain after the visit of the professional.  

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