Everything You Have to Understand about Finding an Irrigation System Expert

Irrigation systems are installed to water your garden in an efficient manner. You can have a manual system and can install a completely automatic system. Very often it happens that we forget to water the garden. But with the automatic system, you don’t need to bother about that. 

If you can accomplish the task of turning on the taps in time, then the manual irrigation system is a very good option for you to water the garden. Various types of mechanical and electrical tap timers are available in the market. But in some cases, the flow of water decreases if the timer is installed. For manual irrigation system, you also require manifolds that are installed in one or more taps to turn the entire system on. 

Comparatively, the automatic irrigation systems are costlier, but with them you can have the most effective way to water your garden. With them, you can be relaxed about watering your garden, even when you are away from your home. You can have a rain sensor installed in them. A controller is needed in these types of systems to make the number of the watering zones work properly. 

Kinds of Irrigation System

There are mainly three types of irrigation system. Here, you are offered with a brief discussion on the types. 

Drip Irrigation System

With the drip irrigation system, you can have the proper flow of water. What is best about the type is that it minimizes evaporation. Drippers are installed in these types of systems. They are generally placed along the piping. The piping is installed just above the surface and it can be applied in the vegetable garden, flower garden and many more. Apart from all these things, you can spread nutrients directly to the root zone through the system. Even, it reduces the growth of fungus and weed. 

Spray Irrigation System 

The commonly visible irrigation system in the domestic setting is the spray irrigation system. By using sprinkler attachments, the system is configured. One of the advantages of the system is that it spreads water in a broad area. There are modern systems that have a finer nozzle so that a fine mist can be generated. With this, you can have an efficient way to water plants.

Certain ways should be followed while watering your garden. Watering should be done in the morning and evening when the water as well as the atmosphere is comparatively cooler. It means that you will have less evaporation. Rain water tanks have become very common today as they are able to utilize the natural resource.

Grey Water Irrigation System 

Grey water irrigation system is one of the most useful and effective domestic irrigation systems. The grey water is nothing but the waster water produced in every household, for example laundry waste, shower waste. This water can be stored or it can be spread directly in the ground. The above mentioned sources are the best options as they don’t have any kind of harmful chemical.

Some rules and regulations have to be followed to use the grey water system. The very first rule is that the gray water shouldn’t be used in the subsurface irrigation. It should not have any application on the fruits and vegetables. The irrigation system must be installed by a licensed plumber. The prime advantage of grey water system is that it charges you less for water consumption. At the very same time it reduces the reliance on the main system and it decreases the effect of water restrictions. 

Irrigation Consultants 

Irrigation consultants are responsible for the design, supply and installation of both domestic and commercial irrigation systems. This includes the installation of all types of spray and drip irrigation system. The other tasks done by a consultant are the installation of rain water tanks, water pumps. They are also responsible for the periodic maintenance of the irrigation system. They can suggest the most suitable irrigation system for you. 

Irrigation Repairs

Various types of problems may arise in your irrigation system. Very often the pipes are damaged and faulty components are found. The damages can be caused due to various reasons. It can be done by any animal or by having excavation in the graound. Generally, the problems in the system are located by the plans and for the task, the professional who has installed the system is responsible. Today, various types of electronic components are installed in the irrigation systems. They often need resetting or repair. It is also done by the professionals. While choosing a professional,  you have to make it certain that he keeps enough stock of spare parts so that the system can be repaired whenever needed.  

In Need of a Professional?

Very often it becomes a very confusing matter to choose an irrigation system for your garden. The task is generally observed by the garden designers or irrigation consultants. After visiting your house, they will draw an irrigation plan. They will advise you the proper system after seeing the types of plants, fruits and soil. 

Make it certain that the professional is properly licensed:

No matter, how urgent you need a professional, you should check  that he has proper licenses for the task. In Australia, it is illegal to engage an unlicensed professional in the task of installing an irrigation system.

Proof of necessary insurances:

Apart from checking the licenses of a professional, the proofs of insurances should also be checked. It is mandatory for the professional to have proper insurances.

Try at least three quotes:

No matter, what service you require, you have to ask different professionals to be aware of the differences in the charges of them. It certainly enables you to get the best deal.

Check their past reference:

The past reference of the professional is very important. You should ask the previous customers of him to know how satisfied they are with his service. 

Check the professional if he wants to sign any agreement:

If you want to make every single thing about the service certain, you should ask the professional for an agreement. It carries a guarantee of the work.  Apart from that, it assures you about the required time for the accomplishment of the project. Before, signing the contract, make it sure that there are no hidden charges.  

Prices charged by irrigation consultants

The hourly charge of irrigation services ranges from $35 to $60. It is informed that the price varies depending on the location. 

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