Beautify the Green Patch around Your Home with Amazing Garden Statues

Designing the perfect landscape has never been easier. There are too many aspects to consider, leaving aside the stepping stones and plants. Garden décor is much more than adding plants and watering them. It’s the way you decorate the space using elements that fall under the garden décor category. It has been proven for over once that perfectly implemented design will reflect on your personality. Now, you can get an artistic touch for the green yard by decorating the space with garden statues and garden art. You can simply stay away from the soil and grime while adding a beautiful touch to this evergreen space of yours. How? By getting artistic statues installed.

Appoint a design specialist to introduce lawn statues and ornaments. Being experts, the garden designer will do exactly what is necessary; implement designs complementing the décor of the greenery and landscape.  Enrich your outdoor collection by bringing in garden statues. Long gone are times when these pieces of art stood signifying only the prestige of the premise. Keeping the prestige aspect constant, these days garden statues have long been standing as a primary décor aspect giving a touch of attractiveness to the green landscape around your home. 

Today, if you go around places you will find only a few homes greeting you with oversized statues. While it is true that bigger garden statues are commonly found, you cannot simply rule out the beauty added by a miniature sculpture. A study has found that the smaller statues are soon replacing the traditional ones. However, there are relevant reasons that are working behind such switch of décor ideas:

Focusing on garden designs

Before, you go for an installation, talk to people around you, and may be neighbors or friends who already have a well maintained green yard with individual designs. As you interact with them it is likely of you to come across new ideas and the benefits that a particular design may offer. Remember, garden designs are specifically related to certain factors like the amount of available space, your individual taste, the purpose of introducing an all new landscape, the patterns that comply with the aesthetics of the premise and so much more. Eventually you will also learn more about garden statues and the reasons behind installing such beautiful figurines outdoors. It is not necessary that you have to follow the trend and bring in smaller sized figurines. Instead you can simply get your garden a life size statue that is more likely to add to the beauty of the space. Over everything, it is important to learn why you may require a garden statue. On other circumstances, the landscape pattern may not even agree to the installation of a figurine which would otherwise clutter the space rather than beautifying it.

The difference between decorative and functional garden figurines

There has always been a line that separates decorative statues from functional ones. A decorative sculpture is purposely installed for its inherent characteristic to attract attention. In fact, it can be said that suppose a part of the garden lacks beauty with less plants around, adding a beautiful statue to the place can actually make it all the more beautiful as you will start noticing how this fantastic piece starts grabbing eyeballs. Since decorative figurines are mostly fragile in nature, you can put them away from garden pathways to avoid an unnecessary damage or simply to avert chances of bumping into them all of a sudden.

Functional garden statues are distinctly dissimilar. They are most often used as garden extensions such as fountains, bird feeders, plant pots and much more. These statues come in forms of human figures, animals and even mythical characters. These adorable additions are especially placed in areas where they can be directly viewed and can be utilized for welfare of little animals that thrive in the yard. You cannot simply rule out the amount of accolades you are likely to receive after having a gorgeous figurine added to the greener patch of your home.

The types of garden statues

Sculptures have come a long way. They beautifully depict emotions and even replicate figures. A majority of them tend to follow a certain theme. The various types of garden statues that are put up in the yard have been mentioned below:

Religious: Your garden can take shape of some shrine. Want to know how? Introducing icons and statues representing religious beliefs can be well made to work when you consider a spiritualistic theme for your garden. However, on the hand it is noteworthy of you to have knowledge about the fact that garden themes can offend visitors. With regards to such sentimental issue, you can try installing the statue in the back side of garden. A subtle symbolism to the theme can give visitors an insight to what you have wanted. 

Mythical: From fairies to gargoyles and more, choose sculptures resembling mythical characters. Usually small in size these figurines are placed around the bush, hung on the walls or pathways. However, a centre theme may not look good enough for the purpose. 

Ancient: From as beautiful as a nude Roman beauty to as stunning as the Atlas holding the globe or much more, you can have an ancient theme embracing the garden. Even the historic Cleopatra or Zeus installed at the centre can bring about a difference. However, before you install these figurines signifying characters from ancient civilizations your garden will require having symmetrical pathways directing them to such amazing piece of art amidst greenery.

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