Garden Sculptures Brings In a New Accent for the Green Space

A garden can look beautiful with stunning artistry. Sculptures are part of such artistic expressions. When it comes to beautifying a lawn, what come as mandatory are the garden ornaments or accessories. Irrespective of their shape, size and color, garden sculptures have long been considered primary objects of adornment. They can be placed symmetrically or haphazardly for more of a contemporary look. 

Why should garden sculptures be placed unusually?

Sometimes it feels good to appear different. Showcasing a style, out of the box may actually attract more eyeballs than ever. Unusual sights have a long lasting impact. People these days can try out ideas that do not go with the trend. The main aim to introduce such exclusive garden landscape ideas is to bring in innovation. It is true that innovation paves way to beauty. 

While to some people maintaining an alignment means complying with a pattern that is in trend, others who choose to stay different may find atypical corners or spots absolutely perfect for an appealing yard. Since the human eye gets easily attracted towards unusualness, a little makeover to the landscape with catchy accents and unusually positioned sculptures can add to the beauty of the space. It’s time to surprise people visiting your home with a garden that has sculptures placed at not so common places. From as quirky as a stone owl, a chirpy ceramic bird, a stone gargoyle, a wired crane or rooster, to absolutely real life like sculpted works appearing as good as those in the wild like bears, panthers, jaguars, kangaroos, elephants and horses. To give your visitor a startling feel as he/she steps into the garden, you can place these sculptures at unlikely places with a made-to-look environment that complies with the theme. While some of these are huge others are simply cute and absolute attention grabbers. The unusual designs are inspired from modern lifestyle, fables and traditional backdrops.

Garden sculptures and how they are placed  

It is true that these sculptures artistically add to the accent of a lawn. Garden sculptures have ruled over green surroundings since the imperial era. They signify different meanings of life. With change of time, alterations are observed in landscape designing. More vivid ideas are implemented. If you notice you will find that gardens these days are not as large as they used to be. Lack of space has led to this curb. Today’s yards talk about how you can make the most out of little open space. In such cases it is useless to keep sculptures that are extra large or to be specific a little more oversized. These artworks will then appear as if they are out of place and have mistakenly landed on to the garden. Medium or miniature sculptures work the best for garden that are small.

Often it is found that the location of a statue plays a great role in attracting eyeballs. The surrounding area where the statue is placed can have a greater impact on the landscape accent; thus increasing the visibility for the art work. The more visible the location the better it becomes to view the sculpture. There are some important considerations before placing the art work; these have been mentioned below:  

General materials in use to make sculptures

You seem to have been bound by the thought that sculptures are works of stone or concrete. However, with the flow of time, changes have crept into the world of art. Sculptures these days are crafted from materials like glass, clay, metals and much more.

Since concrete is a lot more affordable and available, artists consider making statues out of it. Despite chances are high that you may fall for a concrete statue at the first glance of it, sometimes little cracks and folds in the art work may go unnoticed until you have brought it home. Also, make sure that you get in touch with the finest manufacturer of sculptures. 

Do you have any idea where these statues are sold? If you are a lover of art and want to introduce these beautiful artsy works into the garden the places that you may want to step into to collect the finest piece are:
Garden sculptures can have the biggest impact on a garden and its landscape. It certainly adds to the "finesse” of the design implemented. Even if you have a patio a garden sculpture can make a huge difference to the space. However, you do not need to follow any conventional pattern. You can be different in your own way.

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