Bring In A New Look With Garden Ornament

A garden looks mundane when it is left with nothing attractive excepting the few dry leaves, the unmaintained shrubs and trees and the faded flowers obviously seem unattractive unless there is something special about this green patch. Gone are days when people would have to spend hours and even days trying to get an appeal for the garden. There are times when a little makeover can bring upon a startling change for this outdoor space.

However, designing a garden is not as easy as it may seem. In fact a lot of effort is needed to accomplish what will appear more of your dream green yard. With innovation, garden designs are becoming more diverse. These days, garden ornaments have become a statement for outdoors with an intrinsic appeal. 

Garden ornaments beautifying your home

Are you wondering if these ornaments are made of gold, silver and all the other expensive metals on earth? Your guess is absolutely wrong. Garden ornaments are inclusive of everything, statues, wind chimes, bird feeders, fountains, gazing balls, garden windmills and much more. The most interesting part is that they are not stereotype. They don’t follow a design. Garden ornaments are sheer work of excellence. They are art forms taking different shapes and sizes. Even an antique lantern or an age old beautiful fountain can drive immense attraction. You have to first consider it as a piece of art and not something ordinary.

A metal work showcasing two lovely chirpy birds playfully sitting on a broken branch may appear as close as real. Even the statue of the dog digging a hole into the ground may keep you wondering in disbelief that it is just a piece of art. There are also stone works and metal works showcasing antique and worn out look. A dragon at the corner, a panther sneaking out from the bushes to the pathway, a guardian dog sitting upright to the side of a tree, a couple of rabbits cozying with one another, a statue of lord Buddha or Lord Ganesha greeting guests at the entrance or an imperialistic lion sitting straight with a royal gesture, you can decorate your garden with objects of different form, shapes and appearances. 

Where to place garden ornaments

Since decades garden ornaments have been in use to attract attention towards a beautiful and well-maintained yard, in full bloom or just spread with lush greenery. They are simple yet are crafted in a way such that you get an almost real feel.

The purpose of installing garden ornaments: Before adding a garden ornament you have to first understand its purpose. Also, it is important that you learn your requirement before booking the item. While you may consider the garden ornament as an object to attract attention, others may look at it as a beauty enhancer. Some even depict little meanings of life.

Your personality speaks through your choice of garden accessories: Garden ornaments are known to contribute your personality to the yard. So, when you choose the items you have to understand the fact that each of them reflects upon your attitude, taste and preferences. It is always wise to add in things that comply with your character. Your garden will eventually start speaking about you through these little accents. No you don’t have to cry over the thought that these ornaments may have to be left behind if you relocate somewhere else. Garden ornaments are mostly portable in nature as they can be carried and do not need to be fixed somewhere. In such instances it is important that you pick general themes. So, that it can fit around the landscape and style of your new garden.

Available space: However, it is also important that you must not pick too much of garden ornaments. They will only add to a cluttered look. Too many items will only distract visitors and not create a pleasing appearance which will only make a chaotic impression about you on guests and visitors. Follow an alignment for the garden ornaments; this will only create a soothing effect for the eyes and thus enhance the appeal of the space. A little peek-a-boo of statues will keep the visitor guessing. Remember, less is beautiful. Even if it is a single statue, let it stand and accentuate the beauty of this green patch around your home. Sometimes, an asymmetrical arrangement can work wonders in making the garden attractive.

Proportion of garden area and ornament size: At times the perfect proportion is important when it comes to placing garden ornaments. Think about it! If you bring in an object that is simply too tiny for the space; what happens? The thing may feel like a left out within such vast green space. A huge piece can however appear out of place. On the other hand, it can even caste a too big impression such that the various aspects of the garden will get lost in the way. The best thing to do is to bring in an object suitable for a particular place or you can even place the garden ornament at different points and then find out which place suits the most.

Varieties of garden ornaments

Garden ornaments boast of an unending variety. They can come in any shape, size and form. They are as diverse as your imaginations. So here is a look at some of them:

While some of these take pride in revealing a wood make, others are crafted from earth, metal, concrete, stone, resin or plastic. 

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