Garden Features Adding Accents to a Landscape

From fanciful rockeries, quirky fountains to tranquil ponds, serene tree lined pathways and statues, a garden can be landscaped well to the extent that you will have people wanting to visit your home over and again. A beautiful and welcoming garden is what adds to the attraction of a home. Garden or lawn features are one of those highly in demand, arriving with an accent of their own. Garden accents are dependent on one’s choice and the landscape. If there is a particular theme to comply to, features make for great additions since all of them showcase an inherent appeal.

Other than growing greenery around your home, garden is also a space where you want to breathe free. Of course a more than impressive landscape design can draw attention of a hundred onlookers. Adding in garden features can actually let you achieve something straight away beautiful.

Bringing in features means adding attraction

While some garden features can appear complex others are really simple. Some designs come for an economical price others are expensive; however price should not always deter you from taking the decision. If the design demands a particular feature that looks expensive, get it straight away. After all, it is about your home and anything that may add to the beauty of your home should be picked without hesitation unless your mind doesn’t give a nod. Garden features come in different attractive looks, taking any contemporary or traditional form. From as simple as tree lined pathways to as artistic as sculpted figurines, bird feeders, fountains, bird baths, toad houses, pools, wind chimes and more. Take a look at some of the most important garden features in demand:

Pathways: a garden with a defined pathway holds special value. It gives an onlooker a chance to experience nature from very close while taking a walk. Set boundaries if you want and let the landscape features become more prominent. Such additions and renovations are most likely to beautify the aesthetics of the greenery around.

Did you know or have you just come to know that garden paths can be laid with a huge variant of materials? They can be built of gravel, concrete, brick, low ground cover, grass and also mulch. Mulch? Yes! Mulch is a new variant of pathway materials in use. 

Little facts about mulch: 

Rockery: Just like any other attractive garden feature, rockeries come in various designs. They can either showcase a sloping alignment or level. Needless to say these rock features are mostly found to showcase a natural look. This virgin look, castes upon a somewhat natural appearance to the landscape. Hence, these days it is common to find yards with rockery. The best is to get rocks and gravels that are available in your locality. It creates a familiar feel. 

Water features: A great addition to any garden, water features lend a serene touch. The cascading fountains, the serene ponds are such wonderful attractions. These artificially made ponds and fountains are easily operated and are available with ready-made kits and liners and also pump so that installing becomes simpler. Such man-made water bodies also help attract wild species.

While a sloping landscape may entail the installation of a fountain, the level ground will look just perfect for ponds. They are also available in a variety of sizes to find room in gardens, big or small. These fountains and ponds have artificial ways to trigger bubbles and trickling movements. You can also welcome a bird bath in an attractive design.

Garden structures: from arches to pergolas, trellises, gazebos and much more, garden features can extend widely. You can have the landscape designed in a style where these structures can fit well. Welcoming these structures will mean adding to the beauty of the place. You can get tailored designs for garden structures. These landscape features are not only considered good decorative items but also contribute an extra edge to the garden. Seeking shelter from the sun or just romancing with your partner are perks you will enjoy with these beautiful structures around. 

The best part is you can have handmade garden structures for a charming appeal. Bamboos, wicker and wood are main materials in use to build garden structures like gazebos, pergolas, trellises. They lend a rustic or country like appeal.

Bridges: among other features, like water-bodies, rockeries and garden structures, bridges are sheer attractions that can actually transform the ordinary appeal of a green space into something absolutely wonderful. The tiny or medium sized, bridges can be installed anywhere; only the surrounding has to suit the structure. When a bridge is well-placed, the aesthetics are enhanced automatically. The material with which the bridge is made also helps decide whether the structure will comply with the decor. 

Focal areas: While landscaping it is important not to ignore the garden ornaments. These objects innately beautify the landscape. Garden ornaments can be simple or intricate. They actually give your imaginations the opportunity to run wild. You can be really creative with these wonderful objects. There is no limit to the place where they can be positioned. 

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