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When it is about constructing an additional zone for the entertainment purpose, the prime name that strikes our mind is the decks. Undoubtedly, these particular portion of the house looks very impressive, but with regular exposure, decks tend to lose their original appearance and therefore require proper maintenance in order make it look commendable throughout. There are numerous things that you can do for the decks and the primary thing that you require doing is making use of the decking oil in order to seal the timber. Generally these particular material consists of the microscopic cells when not treated properly.

Since constructing these parts of the house require time as well as huge investment as these are made with quality wooden materials, it requires regular maintenance. Being exposed to dirt dust and sunlight the luster of these materials starts getting invisible leaving behind a dull appearance. Decks are horizontal and flat with no shades overhead therefore starts accumulating dirt and dust very easily.Making use of the decking oil is such scenario makes a valuable choice as these helps to treat and maintain the quality.

While manufacturing these decking materials, the timbers that are being used for the purpose are pressure treated. Most of the owners might feel its enough to maintain the quality and luster, but it is not. In order to remain assured about its quality and proper condition, make sure that you take additional care like making use of the decking oils in order to improve its quality. This proves to be a better choice when you want to enhance the appearance of Grey colored and stained desks.

Since the demand of the decking oils have increased in an immense way in the market, now you can get different types of decking oils in the market used to maintain the quality of the deck. These are being formulated in a manner that it fills the holes that are normally observed in timber. For the maintenance purpose, nothing like these decking oils makes a valuable choice as they helps to restore the quality of the deck by taking them back to the original appearance.

Deck Staining or Deck Oiling: Which is Better?

Stain is generally utilized for coating and coloring the timber. It does not offer any additional maintenance to the timber since even when it is absorbed, they do not seal into it, therefore do not provide additional care to the material. Whereas, in case of decking oil, the scenario is completely different as these oil tend to penetrate into the pores present in the timber thereby sealing the wood and endowing with an extraordinary finish to the material.

Decking Oils
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Their characteristics of getting inside the timbers has dual function:

How to Apply Decking Oil:

Decking oil are being formulated in a particular manner to give the timber huge support and maintain the quality. This is the reason why they consist of commendable penetrating properties due to presence of high solids. This helps to treat the timber in case of any issues as well as preserve them from further damage. These materials are being applied in 2 coats by making use of the soft haired brush post that they are left to solidify by proper drying.  These soft haired brush also have different purpose, like:

Step 1:

There is a necessity to prepare the decks prior to the oil application. Primarily, make sure that the deck is completely clean with no dirt and dust. It is highly recommended by the supplier not to use the pressure sprayers as it might result in destroying the timber and can disturb the timber quality by spreading the dust. Making use of these equipment results in developing woolly surface in the timber surface thereby rising the difficult level of cleaning.

Step 2:

For a 5sqm decks, deck oil of 5litre that comes in tin is adequate for applying twice. Make sure that the quality of the oil is not semi sold, make it liquid in order to apply a thin layer of it. For removing the formation of bubbles and puddles, there is a need for proper brushing of the decks. While application, formation of bubbles is quite common and therefore you need to apply proper brushing technique. Apart from this, it also assures about proper application since when done properly the oil might accumulate inside the grooves resulting in getting solidified and look undesirable. So make sure you adhere the proper procedure in order to acquire a fruitful solution.

Drying Time:

This completely depends on the area on which you have applied the oil. For 50sqm deck, the first layer takes approximately 1hour to post application to dry in the normal weather condition.  For the second application, it requires a bit more time of 4 hours to dry in a proper manner.

Hire Deck Oil Suppliers:

Since the choice of deck oils are many, therefore without knowledge buying one is never a good choice. Get hold of the suppliers in order to find the ideal material for your deck. Since the materials used for this purpose differs a lot from one another, working with the deck oil suppliers is the best decision.

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