All You Should Comprehend about a Cladding Installer

Cladding is a method to cover a building with various materials to protect it from outward troubles. Numerous benefits of cladding are there. If you are located in a cold area, cladding can act as an insulator and provide you with a comfortable atmosphere in your home. Apart from all these benefits, it can enhance the appearance of your house.

Types of Cladding

Cladding is divided into several types and they are discussed underneath.

Vinyl Cladding

Cladding, that is done using PVC is called vinyl cladding. It is mainly applied to various parts of the home. To protect door and window frames, it is mainly used. As it acts like an insulator, you can have your home warm even in cold weather. There are lots of reasons behind the popularity of this type of cladding. The first and the foremost reason is that it is very cheap and can work perfectly. Apart from its insulating quality, it is able to prevent moisture and color fading. It comes with an easy maintenance and it is corrosion proof.

Brick Cladding

Brick cladding is mainly applied to add a brick like appearance. It is also done to insulate your house. With a brick cladding, you can have both waterproofing and insulating quality. Wall are the most suitable parts for it, but it is also able to protect timber frame or concrete masonry structure. It can not only give you an insulated home, but also it is able to save energy required to run a household. Brick cladding comes with numerous advantages. Apart from being lightweight, you can find it as an efficient thermal insulator. It also comes with a low maintenance cost and it is highly able to make your house look beautiful.

Concrete Cladding

Like the other claddings, concrete cladding is also meant for the purpose of enhancing the appearance of the house and at the very same time it works like insulators. The most amazing fact about this cladding is that it can be applied both to the interior and to the exterior parts of your building. Numerous reasons  are there behind the popularity of it. The first and the foremost reason is that it comes in a very low price. Cement is mainly used to make this. The other materials required are sand, gravel and water.

Stone Cladding

Stone cladding is mainly applied to the house that have old and ugly walls made of brick. The exterior as well as the interior walls can be covered with this and can have an amazing appearance. It gives an impression of natural stone wall. It is the most suitable cladding, if you are to decorate your drawing room. There are various stonesused for cladding. Some of them are sandstone, quartzite, limestone etc. With stone cladding, you can also insulate the ceiling of your house. Apart from its insulating nature, it can make your property valuable. It is also beneficial if you want to make your house fireproof.

Timber Cladding

One of the most popular claddings is timber cladding as with it, you can have various appearances. It can provide you several protective themes for your home. No matter, if you wish to have a contemporary or a traditional look, timber cladding can give you both of the looks. You can find durability in as well as it is very light. Some other materials such as vinyl or foam core are also mixed with timber cladding. Both of the mentioned materials are responsible for increasing the durability of the cladding. It is chiefly used in houses and it is suitable for timber, brick as well as concrete walls.

Cement Cladding

Cement cladding can be done to both the exterior and the interior parts. Among the best insulators it can be named. Cement fiber boards and various kinds of planks and panels are fixed to the walls. Screws and Variou kinds of adhesives are used in this method. It can provide you with uncountable benefits. If you are located in a cold area where snow falls is very common, cement cladding can provide you the best insulation. It saves you from spending money behind room heaters and at the very same time, it can add an aesthetic look to your home.

Cladding Suppliers

Generally, the builders act as the cladding suppliers. They are responsible for the other material supplies like brickwork, flooring and many more. Today, it has become one of the most important requirements of every single house. One can find various reasons behind it. It is responsible for making your home a comfortable place even in cold weather and it is able to make your house look beautiful. It doesn’t cost much and saves a lot that you might have spent in the name of appliances to keep your home warm.

External Cladding

The layer of insulating material fixed to the exterior walls of a house is called external cladding. There are few houses that are without it today. Apart from accomplishing the task of an insulator, it is attributed with the quality to save your house from the harsh weather outside. Various types of claddings can be done to the exterior walls of a house. You can have timber, aluminum, stone, PVC and vinyl cladding. Claddding can also be done using aluminum. Stone cladding and  PVC cladding have also become very popular though they are not the old inventions. All of them supply a way to protect the external structure of your home. 

Internal Cladding

You can also use cladding on the inner walls. If you are looking for internal claddings, you can have numerous types and among them timber and stone cladding is very popular. The other popular types are metal and PVC cladding. You can also have the colors of your own choice if you choose timber cladding for the decoration of the place that you live in. Doors, roof, chimneys,etc are the parts that generally have this tye of cladding as they are prone to get affected by the moisture. PVC cladding is the best way to prevent the bathroom damage that is caused by the water. PVC cladding is available in mosaic, marble and timber finishes.

Wall Cladding

Wall cladding can be of various types. All of them are beneficial as apart from giving the walls an amazing look, they play a key role in protecting them. The stone cladding is often chosen as it can add a glamourous look. Stones or concrete is generally used to make them. Both of them are able to give an appearance that seems like stone. It is not very difficult to have stone cladding. Fiber cement cladding is another type that is in much demand today. Cement is the most important material to make it. The other essential materials are water and cellulose. It gives a traditional appearance. Laminate and plywood cladding are also very popular types.

Need to Hire Cladding Installer?

If you are in need of a cladding in your house, you have to go with a professional builder. You should choose them as they are well aware of the fire and safety regulations. A perfect cladding doesn’t need much maintenance and can remain durable for a long period of time. So, the professionals must be selected for the task.

Make sure they are registered and licensed: The professional who has been chosen for the cladding should be authorized to carry out the task and must have the licenses. He can save you from future troubles like any sort of accident. More information on professional cladding installers are available at

Holding the right insurance: Insurance is necessary for any professional and cladding installers are not exceptional. The insurance that ensires proper safety of the workers is very necessary. The certificate that ensures currency is also required.

Try at least three quotes before hiring a professional:The prices charged by the cladding installers depend on the type of cladding you want to have. The prices vary according to different professionals. This is why you should compare at least three quotes before selecting the cladding installer for you.

Check their past reference: Experience determines the quality of work. This is why you have to look for such professionals who have experience in this task. Besides it, the cladding installer should be asked for the examples of his previous tasks.

Check with the cladding installer if he wants to sign any agreement or not: An agreement should be done before the commencement of the work and you have to make everything about it clear. You should ask the professional about the items and specifications that would be mentioned there in the contract. You also need to have a clear idea about the hidden costs. 

Guidance to install Cladding: Only the professionals must be chosen for the installation of cladding. Architects and builders are suitable for the task as they are aware of all the fire and safety rules and regulations. 

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