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Ceilings are one of the most important parts of a building, but after construction this is one of the most common parts of the room, that is being overlooked. While renovation, we give attention to every other part, but very less of us actually give importance to the ceiling. Decorating ceiling can enhance the looks and add to its beauty. Concealing the roof perfectly is definitely the primary thing and the different styles that have come up these days, makes it look good. Always keep in mind that high ceiling makes the room look more spacious.

Unlike previous days, the availability of different type of materials has given architects the freedom to choose any style depending on the style of the room and its size. Since there are many things that is required to be taken into consideration while constructing a ceiling, expert assistance prove to be a better and effective choice for the owners.

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Types of Ceiling Materials:

Whilst there are different ways to enhance and renovate the room, a decorative ceiling is one of the simplest ways to make it attractive. Ceiling is one of those parts that adds safety and decides the ambiance of a room. Generally there are different kinds of materials that are being used for ceiling construction, following are some of the most common materials.

  • Wooden Ceiling: These are commonly used for the most common structure of the home. From all the other types, this is the most common materials that are widely used by the owners. However, just like the wooden floor, the ceiling can be sometimes covered with wooden planks. There is no doubt that making use of these planks make the ceiling look extremely beautiful. Apart from using these planks, one can also construct a plain ceiling or strategically place these planks in order to enhance the looks.

  • Metal: Metal ceilings are used as decorative and structural component in the ceiling. A suspended or dropped ceiling looks like being hung over the existing ceiling. This particular style is used to hide the undesirable features in the pre-existing ceiling like pipes and cracks. This particular style of ceilings is made of metal grid or wires that helps to hold the ceiling tiles. However, embossed sheets or tiles are also used for the ceiling construction.

  • Plasterboard and Plaster: Plaster is not something that is new in the market, as the use of these materials are from centuries. Constructing these plastered ceilings engage applying various layers of the plaster paste. It is normally being given over the strips of wood. This makes a hard, attractive as well as a smooth surface which is again decorated with paints to make it attractive. Plasterboard is also made in the similar manner, but its installation is easier and cheaper. These are actually the sheets that are being attached to a ceiling by means of nails or screws and finally is being sealed.

  • Tiles: The tiles used for ceiling differs a lot from wall or floor tiles both in term of its looks and weight. Since they are used for the construction of a ceiling, they are normally lightweight materials. These are made from different types of materials like metal, fiberglass, wood fiber, cork, gypsum, mineral fiber and much more. The tiles are being designed in a way that they suits suspended ceiling as well as plain ceiling.

Ceiling Installation
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Types of Ceilings:

Professionals are always a good choice while making the right choice of ceilings. As they are experienced, they help the owners to select the right type. Since the styles evolved these days are numerous, choosing the right type of ceiling from the many is a necessity for the owners.

  • Coffered Ceilings: This type of ceilings comprises of sunken panels. They prove to be a good choice both to add strength the framework as well as a beautifying element.

  • Dry Wall Ceiling: This is the most common type observed in most of the homes. These are uncluttered and flat, hence give people the chance to decorate it.

  • Cathedral Ceiling: This is a dramatic ceiling that is designed extraordinarily. This is very rare to find. It consists of sloping sides that meets in the center, thereby creating a dramatic and unique look.

  • Suspended Ceiling: These are also very common these days. Both for houses and offices, these particular type is chosen. Here a false ceiling is being created over the existing one and gives a feeling of being suspended.

  • Tray Ceiling: Tray ceilings are very interesting and contains rectangular panels. These panels are normally being used for placing the lighting fixtures. For any entertainment zone, this is the ideal type.

  • Beam Ceiling: This is a classic styled ceiling used in previous days. These are mostly used in the traditional style homes by making use of timbers.

  • Shed Ceiling: This type of ceilings looks same like the cathedral ceiling. The rise angle differs from cathedral ceiling as they are not steep, whereas the shed ceiling is generally constructed with an attic to offer ventilation and insulation.

Cost of Ceiling Installation:

The investment that you need to do for installing a ceiling is normally being calculated by the materials used, labor charge and area. You can expect to be quoted on the basis of per square metre, keeping aside the labor charge and the materials. From the many types, the plasterboard or drywall is a cost effective choice, while decorative metal and timber are more expensive.

For choosing the perfect type of ceiling, expert assistance prove to be a better choice. They can not only help you to choose the right style depending on the space, but can also help you to lessen the budget.

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