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Cabinet door proves to be functional in a multitude of ways. Whether it is about enhancing the looks and decorate properly or screening things present behind the doors, relying on the different designs, types and styles of of cabinet doors prove to be a feasible choice. Choosing the right material according to the design and shape of the room helps to enhance the visual appearance endowing with an attractive room. Cabinets might be affixed to the wall or free standing. Depending on the style of the rooms, one can choose it.

In recent days, the range of cabinet doors present can definitely suffice your needs. You can choose one that suits your needs and requirements.

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Types of Cabinet Doors:

There is no doubt that the cabinets look truly stunning because of making use of the materials like synthetic materials, glass, wood, steel and also the combination of various other materials. These are normally made in two normal methods, one is frameless and other is face frame.

  • Frameless Cabinets:

Frameless cabinets are much popular in the market. These are normally being constructed without making use of any front frame as a support. The cabinet doors are then fixed within the cabinet box. The styles of these cabinets vary a lot, either they have one or more than one door affixed to its front that contains a lock as well as a door bracket. These are made in a way that it enhance the looks of the space to a dramatic extent by making it more stylish.

Since the prime reason of the cabinet doors is to improve the looks of the room, these are available in a myriad of styles, designs and shapes. One can choose according to the needs and requirements and the theme of their room.

  • Face Frame Cabinets:

This particular type of cabinet includes a wide frame. A cabinet door is being mounted on these frames in order to make it look attractive.

Styles of Cabinet Doors:

Cabinet doors are undoubtedly very useful both in terms of looks and function. These are normally being built in three styles and can also be customized according to the need. The three styles are:

  • Recessed door panels
  • Raised door panels
  • Slab cabinet door
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Recessed Door Panels:

These are appropriate for most of the home as they are highly decorated and gives a resemblance of a picture. The edges of the panels are joined with miter, mortise or tenon.

Raised Door Panels:

By combining the solid stock lumber that is being fixed by making use of an adhesive, these particular type is being constructed. These types of panels include plywood that are being fashioned and cut according to the needs and requirements in order surpass the expectations. Apart from these, other materials are being used in a way to make it look stunning. Lastly, these are properly covered either by painting or laminating according to the theme of the house.

Slab Cabinet Door:

This type of cabinet doors are made with wood and come in a flat shape. By means of an adhesive, the solid stock lumbers are affixed. This can be adjusted depending on the size with the edges of the doors.

  • Mullion doors
  • Glass insert doors
  • Radius or Curved doors

Mullion Doors: Mullion doors are more like the window glass panes. These are highly attractive since instead of solid centre, the centre panel is built with glass sheets. Keeping in mind the problems faced by the owners, these glass panels are constructed. They can be removed easily for the cleaning purpose and are made with laminated, annealed or tampered glass.

Glass Insert Doors: These are another most used doors that are made with solid glass sheets. This is the reason why they are available in an array of sizes. A huge door is being fixed in order to hold and support the glass.

Radius Or Curved Doors: This particular type of cabinet doors are available in both concave and convex shaped. Since they are extremely attractive, they tend to come with a huge price tag compared to any other types.

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Cabinet Door Installation:

Installation of cabinet doors can be done both by D.I.Y technique or by professional help. There are some basic aspects that you need to do while installation. These are:

  • Perfect measurement of the height and width of cabinets.
  • Taking proper measurement about the placement of hinges. Place them at a distance of 2inches from bottom and top both on the door and inside it.
  • Making use of screws fit the hinges on the backside, followed by lining them and fastening to the cabinet.

Selection of Supplier:

When you are sure about purchasing a cabinet door, make sure you get hold of a renowned supplier. This is a better choice since they can help you with the necessary advice on a particular product, thereby, making the right choice for your home. Moreover, when you buy from a famous supplier, they can help you with guarantees and warrantees thereby ensuring you about making the right investment. They can endow with the best deals for you.


The attractive cabinet door can enhance the look of the room. Therefore, when you want to purchase a cabinet or want to replace the old door of the cabinets with a new one, ensure that the style, color and theme of the cabinets compliments the room.

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