Everything You Have to Understand about Finding a Building Inspector

You need to have a decent inspection if you are going to build or renovate your property. It ensures a peace of mind. It allows you to be assured of the fact that no damage can be brought to the place where you would start living. 

Types of Inspection

There are several types of building inspection. Lets’s have a quick discussion on these types.

Pre Purchase Property Inspection

If you are going to buy a property, you should be well aware of the condition of it and pre purchase property inspection is meant for accomplishing the task. Before, you are going to sign a property, you have to complete any task regarding the inspection of the building. It makes you aware of the of the hidden costs that may have a relation with the repairing of the property.

Commercial Inspection Services

It ensures you about the condition of a commercial property. Like all other inspections, it is also done before the purchase of the property. The inspection concentrates on the areas like drainage, plumbing, mechanical components, wiring, car parks, and the structural condition of the walls and stairways. Registered commercial builders, building inspectors, structural consultants  are only authorized to do the task.

Fire Protection Services 

There are many buildings that are prone to catch fire very easily. To know how safe your house is from fire, you have to get a fire protection report. The areas inspected while making a fire protection report are fire mains, smoke alarms, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, evacuation plans, gas suppression system, emergency vehicle access etc. From the report. You will come to know about the defects in the fire safety systems and can also have an idea of the required maintenance. The chief officer of CFA ( Country Fire Authority) is responsible for making the fire protection report.

Completion and Defect Report

A building completion and defect report lets you know that your newly built house is now ready to be occupied. After  surveying the house completely, the professionals prepare the report where it is mentioned, if the house is damaged somewhere or not. If any kind of damage is identified after started living in it, the whole responsibility will come upon the buyer. This is why, it is important to make a completion and defect report so that you can be protected from any kind of extra expenses. A qualified and experienced building instructor with a proper license can only provide you with the report.

Expert Witness Report

An expert witness report makes you knowledgeable about the building defects, issues connected with non compliance and cost assessments. You can have this report on residential, commercial or industrial buildings. It helps you to compare the defect of the present property with the standard building code. Only the licensed building consultants are permitted to provide you the reports. 

Dilapidation Report

The dilapidation report is prepared when the construction of a building reaches its nearby structure. The report records the condition of the building before the work is done so that you can be aware of any kind of damage that may occur. The owner as well as the builder who is engaged in the task are provided with the copies of the report so that the impending damage can be prevented. Like the expert witness report, the dilapidation report is also prepared by a building consultant. Before employing a professional in the task, you have to check the license of him.

Home Owner Warranty Reports

Home owner warranty report is meant for pointing out the defects of a construction so that the owner is able to avail the home warranty insurance. The insurance protects the first six years of a house that is constructed by a home owner builder. It covers the major works that cost more than $12, 000. If the house is sold within the first six years, the second owner will be able to get benefits from the insurance. As it is a matter of getting insurance, you have to prepare the reports from a licensed and insured inspector. 

Pre Purchase building Reports

A pre purchase building report ensures you about the condition of the property that is going purchased by you. With the help of it, you will be able to identify the defects in the property. The building consultant is responsible for inspecting both the interior and exterior parts of the construction. It includes the rising damp, ventilation, condition of the roof, drainage system etc. The report that will be provided to you, should present everything before you in a clear way and it should have everything in detail.

Owner and Builder Reports

If you are an owner of a house and if you want to sell it, the owner builder report is necessary. Homes that are six or less than six years old should have this report. It is necessary to get the owner builder warranty insurance. The report is required if you sell the property within the first six years of its construction because it is valid to the purchaser also for the rest of the time. The third party inspector such as a building consultant is responsible for preparing the report. 

Need to Hire Professional a Professional Building Inspector?

It is a matter of your house. So, you have to take each step very consciously. This is why a proper building inspection is necessary. It should be done by an efficient building inspector. The experience of the inspector should have much attention from you because an experienced professional can identify the defects very easily. The inspector should follow all the relevant Australian standards like 4349. He should also be able to produce the report before you in an easy way with all the details and information. 

Make Sure They Are Registered and Licensed:

To hire an inspector, you have to check the license of him. It ensures that the inspector is professional and is able to provide you with the perfect service. You can check the validity of their licenses or can gather information by visiting  http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/ .

Holding the Right Insurance:

To hire a building inspector, you have to be confirmed about the fact that he has the necessary insurances. 

Try At Least Three Quotes before Hiring a Building Inspector:

You should have a perfect guy for the inspection of your house as lots of things depend on it. Several professionals who are engaged as building inspectors are there. To choose the best one for your house, you have to compare at least three quotes. 

Check Their Past Reference:

The task requires a lot of experience as it sharpens the ability of the professional. To have a proper idea about the quality of their work, you have to check their past works.

Check with the Designer If He Wants to sign any agreement:

Ask the inspector  for an agreement and what specifications would be mentioned there. You have to be concerned about the information that are hidden and should have a good look at the pricing structure. 

Prices Charged by Building Inspectors

The task of inspection is divided into various types and that’s why the charges vary according to the type of inspection. Even, you can find numerous professionals engaged in the task. So, you have to be aware of the prices charged by different professionals and should choose the guy suitable for you. In the huge list of Home Essential, you can find uncountable bulidng inspectors. We can provide you three different quotes from three different professionals so that you can compare the prices and what services they offer. The prices charged by them are mentioned here. 

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