Everything You Have to Undestand about Finding a Sustainable Building Designer

The very first thing that comes to one’s mind before building a house is the appearance of it and this is the when you need the help of a building designer. It is not only limited within drawing a plan. It is something more important than that. A building designer is responsible for solving any problem connected with the site and at the very same time he can increase the value of your house. 

Types of Building Designers

Various types of constructions are there and that’s why there are various types of building designers. Here, you can find a brief discussion on the types. 

Building Extension Designers

You may have a beautiful house but it is not so much spacious as you need. You may need a veranda in front of your house or you may need an extra bathroom.  In that case you require an extension of it. If you only think about your necessities, you  may not be able to find it beautiful. It has worked behind making people feel the need of extension building designers. They make a perfect design of the part that would be extended. Apart from this, they are needed for the documentation. A professional is able to comprehend your requirement. He will make the budget for you and would suggest the beneficial ways to utilize the space completely. 

New Home Building Designers

Why should you build your home according to the wishes of others? Every single thing about it should be made according to your desires and new home building designers can help you fulfill them. It is very important to have a stylish design of your house and the professionals are there to provide you that. They can provide a suitable design for your home, keeping your requirements and budget in mind. The necessary drawings and documentation are also prepared by them to get approval. 

Sustainable Building Designers

We belong to a developed world and here every single thing should be made keeping the thought of the environment in mind. This is why the sustainable building designers are required. Your house should be built in such a way that it becomes environment-friendly and stands as a part of the nature. Today, people are conscious about energy efficient buildings, whether they are to built residential, commercial or industrial buildings.  Sustainable design includes grey water systems, correct site orientation, solar panels, passive cooling, rain water tanks, correct ventilation etc. Making room for all these things in your design enables you to  save money that could be spent in the name of energy consumption.

Commercial Building Designers

A commercial building stands on the basis of a good design. If you are to construct a building, you may need working drawings and specifications to make the project run further. Commercial building designers can design the constructions like retail shop, office, industry or any other commercial places. With their designs you can have your space completely functional and that too within your budget. They would design the place while keeping all the safety measures in mind.

Industrial Building Designers

The services provided by the industrial designers are very similar to the services of commercial architects. They are responsible for the tasks like making building plans, CAD, surveying sites, choosing proper materials etc. The professionals design office complexes, factories, business parks, warehouses etc. Apart from this, they are also engaged in the tasks like making a budget for the entire project, inspecting sites, communicating with the builders etc. 

Unit Building Designer

The tasks performed by a unit building designer are the preparing the documents needed for tender, estimating the budget for the project, inspecting sites and communicating with the builders. The first and the foremost thing that you have to check before employing a unit building designer is that he should have a professional indemnity insurance. You should make the contract with such a professional who has a proper license and is qualified enough for the task. 

Energy Rating Assessors

With the increase in the sustainable building design, it has become obvious to measure the amount of energy that is saved. This is why a star rating system has been invented. There are numerous consulting firms that are responsible for assessing energy. Energy assessors should be qualified enough for the task and should have a proper training. A professional should make the assessment after consulting with the builders and architects. 

Need to Hire Professional Building Designers?

You have to consider several things if you are to choose a building designer. At first, you have to concentrate on his qualifications. It is also necessary to have a look at the portfolio that reflects the quality of his previous works. To be confirmed about his work, you should ask his previous clients. The designer should have years of experience in this field. Last but not the least, you have to compare the prices of different designers. 

Make Sure they are Registered and Licensed:

You should check the permit with their local council or higher state authority. It is really very necessary that the designer should have a proper license because there are some difficult tasks that require the touch of the professionals. To check whether their licenses are valid or not, or to gather more information about rules and regulations, you can visit http://www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au/ .

Holding the Right Insurance:

To hire a professional, you should have a deep look on their insurance paperwork that includes home warranty insurance, builders all risk insurance and workers compensation insurance. You should also check their certificate of currency and have to ask for their quality management certificate.

Try at least Three Quotes before Hiring a Designer:

Choosing a sustainable building designer is not an easy task at all. You should consult with different professionals before you select one among them. You have to get at least three quotes from the professionals. It would help you to compare their qualifications and prices. After getting the quotes, you can discuss everything with them in detail. It includes the price and the tasks performed by them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Check Their Past Reference:

It is very necessary to check their past works so that you can get an idea of their standard. 

Check with the Designer If he Wants to Sign Any Agreement:

You should ask the designer if both the parties need a contract and what specifications would be there in the agreement. Apart from this, you should notice the pricing structure and any hidden information about the increase of the price. 


It is important to have building permits if you are going to build or renovate your house. The designer is responsible for getting the necessary permits as it saves you from spending a lot of money, time and labor. Before signing the agreement, you have to be clear about the fact. The permits also provide you with the knowledge of the estimated time within which the work will be completed. Inspectors would visit your site on a regular basis to confirm that you are able to meet all the requirements mentioned in the permit. The designer should also be able to speak with the inspectors in a straightforward manner. 

Prices Charged by Builders

If you are looking for building designers, you can have numerous options at your hand. The prices will vary according to different professionals. Home Essential can provide you with many options so that you can compare the prices and choose the best one for you. With us, you can get three quotes. The prices are mentioned underneath.

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