Book cases redefining book storage with beauty and utility

Since ages book cases have been reigning over living spaces not because of their beauty alone, these furniture have been making room for each and every book that a reader has been in love with.  Besides, these shelves make way for stylish and versatile additions. Starting from novels, short stories and magazines to reference books and diaries, book cases or shelves can accommodate anything of any volume. These wonderful furniture items also add to the décor of a house, so when you are bringing home one ensure that the style and color of the book case matches well with the interiors. Did you know that these days, book cases also serve as utility units to store décor items at large? A lot of decorative pieces can be showcased on a book shelf. From the ones that are tiny to bigger figurines or just any other showpiece, book cases are one amongst the finest additions for any home.

The different kinds of bookcases

When you stack your books inside a book case or shelf you bring upon an organized look naturally. A roomy space is all that they need to be in place and appear just perfect. Today, there are different variants of bookcases. This furniture is usually found crafted from wood. However innovation has led to the evolution of bookshelves crafted from materials such as metal or glass. Usually these book cases arrive in designs inspired by the following:

Besides, these shelves are designed to comply with the interiors of living as well as office spaces. Considering that modern décor are hugely influenced by certain elementary factors like style, appeal and design, today’s book cases showcase textures and finishing in different variants. They can be built-in, foldable and free-standing. Get an overview of the variants: 

Barrister bookcases: These bookcases were firstly found in England. They have the typical English appearance. These kind of furniture were mostly designed to serve purpose of barristers. They embrace an exclusive stackable pattern. These furniture items also reveal glass fronts and wooden shelves.

Modular Bookcases: The furniture reveal versatile appearance. The beautiful modular bookcase is the best option for modern living space. It is designed in a way so that you can stack the furniture either vertically or horizontally. These days some of them are found to showcase cubes. These cubes actually make room for books. Modular bookcases are either free-standing or wall fixed.

Important aspects before choosing a bookcase

Choosing the perfect bookcase for the living space can be as tedious. Other than accommodating books, these furniture items also accentuate the decor. If you are thinking of bringing in a book case there are some important considerations. 

Size of the bookcase:When you think of the bookcase size there are few factors to think of: 
It is important that you through each of these aspects just prior to bringing in a bookcase. 

Functionality: Sometimes bookcases are not just considered a piece of furniture. These are functional items with their inherent trait to display educational books. For years these furniture have reigned over the doctor’s or the lawyer’s chamber, as they often require quick access to references while on practice.

Also, the bookcases are of huge use to the book lover for he/she may have gathered hundreds of books over the years, which need space where they will be protected and stored securely.

Room Size: Another major factor is the size of the room. A room that is comparatively small will certainly make space for a smaller bookcase. Even the shelving height may be small. Suppose, a bookcase is intended to be placed in a child’s room, and considering the fact that children’s books are thinner and lighter by nature, hence a short stature and sleek bookcase is good enough for the space. Meanwhile the study, which usually is larger in size, may look perfect with a bookshelf that features a strong and huge frame to make room for greater number of books, small and large, thin or thick.

Design: Bookcases these days come in a variety of designs. The various styles are meant to comply with interior designs which also vary with the taste and preferences of the homeowner. The latest is the flat-pack variant that can be easily fitted for storing books. The much classical bookshelf with an ornate design is also chosen these days for traditional décor ideas. These bookshelves are usually crafted from solid timber and are greatly durable.

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