FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

It is very easy and simple to list your business in Home Essential. Once you list out your business in our website, your business name may not appear on our site instantly as our database may take some time to update. Always add some content to the listing, such as, a description, pictures and deals available at your firm.
We are committed to providing a broad exposure to the businesses listed in our website. We use many different advertising techniques to help your business get the necessary visibility and exposure. Our advertising strategies are customized to businesses. We will use the technique best suited to your business, to make it stand out of the crowd. To know more, you can always contact a sales representative from Home Essential.
Business listings will appear only in searches in the postcode where the businesses are physically located. So, when people from the postcode where your business is based, look for products and services similar to what you offer, they will see your business on our website. Contact us to get any additional locations covered.
People can join our website easily and find a wide range of different businesses to seek services from. All you need to do is just sign up in our website. Signing up is an easy process that will take only a few minutes.
Yes, any visitor of Home Essential can see your business profile and the profile picture. They can see all your business information. However, we do not display the contact information of the business owners.
We respect your privacy. We will, in no case, share, trade or sell any aspect of your personal details to third parties. Your personal information is completely safe with us.